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This article is about the Flight skill. For the trait and how to acquire it, see Wingless Flight.

Class: Movement Skills
Attribute: Agility
Pedagogy: Physical Training
Practitioner Term: Flyer
The ability to control oneself in flight, through whatever means.  The greater this skill, the greater the adroitness with which
one maneuvers in the air.
Development Information: The flight skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Thu Mar 03 02:17:54 2016.


Wandering: Wayfarer
Shatterspire: Sthlar
Association required:
Arborlon: Lenalia
Imptropolis: Implicated *May Only Train Imps*
Kazarak/Kazarzeth: Urdo Wanders
Teryx: Nelar
Guild required:
Coven: Esme Wanders
Coven: Halea
Coven: Lynda Xenetha
Hawkmen: Katar
Shapeshifters Maramar
zetesai: Linp
Quest required
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