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The Zetesai (Singular male/female/neuter and hermaphrodite titles: Zetesis/Zetesa/Zeteson) are seekers of higher biomsymbioses.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.
You see a huge mechanical hanging rosewood-embedded iron-plated structure.
The huge mechanical hanging rosewood-embedded iron-plated structure has an assemblage of arms, or legs, gripping the ceiling in a
spider-like manner. Gears on these legs are rotating very slowly, causing the structure to walk, in extremely slow motion, across the 
cavern ceiling.  A circular green glass surface covers the bottom, and appears to look upwards into some sort of room.  An open rusty 
iron hatch is attached to the bottom, next to the window.  It is permeated by an intense, vibrant auroric radiance.


Wanders around the ceiling of the River Tethys, moving one room every 6 to 18 hours.

[OOC Ammok] "anyone know how far the Zetesai guildhall wanders from co-ords on the wiki  .?"
[OOC Twilight] "it can go anywhere on the ceiling of tethys"
[OOC Ammok] "ahh .."
[OOC Twilight] "moves once every fuzz(Time_Day / 2), so not that often"


            min   bonus
Animal Lore 1     1
Biology     1     1
Conjuration 1
Cosmology   1     1
Enchantment 1

Need 3 INT and 2 EGO specs available.

Gwale will ask you to provide the dissected brain of a rare creature, a mutated species of sentient deathroaches called "Kalythrepses". (Singular is "Kalythreps")
More specifically: drop a coruscar (NB: obtained from a polypid) in the presence of a deathroach. This turns it into a rather powerful monster; after it is killed, dissect out the brain (40 anatomy worked).

Gwale mutteringly rumbles, ( :: It seems as though more types of symbioses
are emerging every day, as a matter of course. :: ) in Nilasnai. 
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: The details are in Archtaxon
Zetesai.  But the jist is that certain kinds of symbioses constitute a new and
even higher class of life forms. :: ) in Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: A simple example is lichen. 
Take two yucky things, a fungus and an algae.  When they work together, they
form the much less yucky lichen, which can survive almost anywhere: the
arctic, the desert... there's even some in the Exoma and Tethys.  I once heard
Gwale say that there's lichen in Hell.  I wouldn't know, but that guy doesn't
joke around. :: ) in Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: Anyhoo, the highest taxa, that
is, the highest classes of organisms, tend to be symbiotic unions.  Just like
you can think of lichen as one organism, you can think of symbioses as one
organism.  And the guy who wrote that book -- or someone he knew or someone he
knew a lot about (no one really knows) -- he figured out that the best way to
study these unions was to *make* them. :: ) in Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp quietly sez to Gwale something you cannot
hear in halting, squeakingly-accented Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: So the Zetesai have a way of
forming symbiotic bonds with all sorts of crazy things.  And then we can study
by self-experimentation or introspection.  Also, the bonds are... really
wonderful. :: ) in Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp pets the apagion with its right claw.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: I couldn't imagine life without
this guy, myself.  Some Zetesai cycle through a lot of bonds in their lives,
though... it can cause a lot of trauma, but Gwale says that there are ways to
minimize it. :: ) in Nilasnai.
The opalescent-white-skinned imp sez, ( :: Anyway, that's the quick
rundown.  If you're interested, talk to Gwale.  He might put you through a
gauntlet to join, though.  He's weird like that. :: ) in Nilasnai.


Zetesai have the ability to bond with extraplanar familiars via archsymbiosis. Your familiar is automatically trusted on bonding, to be sure it is able to keep up with you while moving. Note that this does not help if your character is flying and the familiar cannot, or in some other circumstances such as swimming or falling.

Ralnos whispers: It would be a good idea to read the Empathic Bonds Book, because a lot of things said in there are true for Zetesai as well.

Known Familiar Types

List of Zetesai Familiars



You hiss, [- I no longer have any interessst in archtaxa -]
Gwale rumbles, ( :: Well then.  I suppose I should wish you luck in your endeavors. :: ) in Nilasnai.
Gwale closes his eyes in concentration.
You sense that you have lost all potential means of empathic bonding available to you and thus no longer possess this faculty.
You no longer specialize in biology, conjuration, or massive exertion. [event logged]
You are now a first-degree specialist in cosmology, psychokinesis, and psycholeptesis. [event logged]
You are now a second-degree specialist in redaction. [event logged]
You are now a third-degree specialist in animal lore. [event logged]
You are now a sixth-degree specialist in invocation. [event logged]
  • You can rejoin as soon as you get another Kalythreps brain.
End of spoiler information.
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