Spark Dog (Empathic Bond)

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You experience feelings of attraction, attachment, energy, and devotion.
You experience visions of lightning.


Zetesai Spark Dog Bond

Spark Dogs

Spark dogs are commonly found in Exoma and Lakan. Touching a spark dog results in an electric shock.

You must do Lakan's Edifice quest to bond a spark dog. (NB: You will not be able to bond with a spark dog in Lakan due to spiritual disjunction. Take a portal to Exoma from Lakan and spark dogs are plentiful in Exoma.)

Attributes Bonuses

Bonus to Vitality of 75% of bond strength and bonuses to Intellect and Perception of 50% of bond strength.

Adds 1/2 Tactics and Courage to Attack and Damage Ratings
Adds 1/2 Tactics to Dodge and Deflection Ratings

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Lightning Affinity 16 37.5 + 5% base
Void Resistance 15 37.5
Courage 12 30
Psycholeptesis 11 0
Plains Fieldcraft 10 25
Elektraturgy 8 20
Hardiness 8 20
Recuperation 8 20
Stamina 8 20
Subordination 8 20
Somatesthesia 7 17.5
Tactics 7 17.5
Exoma Fieldcraft 6 15
Leadership 6 15
Breath Control 4 10
Centering 4 10
Channeling 4 10
Cold Tolerance 4 10
Discipline 4 10
Intimidation 4 10
Meditation 4 10
Pain Tolerance 4 10
Resilience 4 10
Steadiness 4 10
Tracking 4 10
Killer Instinct 2 0


During very frail stage:

Somewhat frail:

Fairly healthy (Mid-way through):

  • the ability to infuse yourself with electrical currents. To do this, concentrate on enhancing my bioelectric potential. To end the effects of this charm, concentrate on ceasing to enhance my bioelectric potential. This ability eventually grants paraneurism and a bonus to speed, killer instinct, and combat reflexes that increases with bond strength. Also adds a lightning aura that deals damage on contact to enemies to the body part they attacked you with - this can quickly lead to enemies losing their offensive capabilities as their limbs are disabled.

Very healthy:



Combat Maneuvers

  • Charged Fist
    • Deals crushing/lightning damage
    • Uses 10 points of spiritual energy per attack
Empathic Bonds Maneuver
Usage: perform charged fist [at <target>]
Activity Cost For You: 20

Use your fist to deliver a shocking blow to a target.
Attack Rating:
 125% Agility
 25% Intellect
 25% Perception
 100% Brawling
 100% Elektraturgy
 100% Martial Arts
 100% Unarmed Combat
 25% Combat Reflexes
 25% Killer Instinct
 25% Precision Strike
 25% Tactics
Damage Rating:
 100% Strength
 100% Dirty Fighting
 100% Killer Instinct
 100% Lightning Affinity
 100% Massive Blow
  • Spark of Lightning at Intimate
    • Uses 2.5 lightning energy per attack
    • Same stats as Charged Fist
    • Activity Cost: 13
  • Discharge at Complete
    • Uses 5 lightning energy per attack
    • Same stats as Charged Fist and Spark of Lightning
    • Deals lightning/spirit damage
    • Activity Cost: 17
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