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Class: Esoteric Skills

Attribute: Willpower
Pedagogy: Procedural
Practitioner Term: Practitioner of Equilibrium
The mental discipline of balancing the facets of one's spirit and of bringing them into harmony, increasing the rate at which one
can recover spiritual energy.
Development Information: The equilibrium skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Tue Sep 27 19:43:44 2016.
See Also: centering


R'lyeh : Ithnagl wanders
Shadow Tower: Gaerie
Temple of Discordia: Erasmus
Veteran: wanders
Association required:
Agnihotri: Riga
Deep Ones: Dagon
Deep Ones: Mother Hydra
Losthaven Guard: Berek
Ollin Tonatiuh: Nezcaluca
Questors of Axa : Merethus 
Ygellethites: Ashyire
Ygellethites: Saruezzta
Weapons of Vengeance: Goth
Guild required:
Aligned: Taiji
Coven: Esme Wanders
Coven: Halea
Coven: Lynda Xenetha
Devonshire Clerics: Thromdan
Elflords: Celeborn
Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Flizera
Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Pierce
Ordo Maleficus: Antonina
Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris: Aerina
Ordo Verbus Glacialis: Aristides
Ringwielders: Merethus
Temple of Discordia: Malaclypse the Younger (LDD/POEE)
Zetesai: Linp
Quest required
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