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->) The Aligned (<-

You are one of the Aligned, one who has undergone a process of alignment with nature itself.

Alignment is a development upon the process of attunement, so as an Aligned you are perforce Attuned. Attunement is the esoteric process of ordering the structure of one's essence with the structure of nature, via certain significant patterns in the Hanoman ecosystem. For more information on attunement in general, type 'help attuned'.

Alignment is the esoteric process of using one's attunement as a foundation for more complex ordered magicks. Most Aligned do not think of themselves as magicians in the traditional sense, having little use for the strange incantations and gestures of most cabals. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that alignment is a highly magickal trade, and the Aligned are initiates and wielders of magick through and through.

The Aligned are not strictly speaking a cabal, nor a priesthood, but something that is at once a mixture of these and something new altogether. The Aligned are mystically bound to the island of Hanoma. They learn their magicks -- and, occasionally, invent new magicks -- by this bond. They accomplish this sometimes directly, through will, and sometimes through intermediary arts tied to the culture of the Hanomans on the island. (Since all things on Hanoma, the culture of the residents included, seems to be mystically connected to the island somehow, this can be seen as another route of direct access.)

The island is not a sentient being per se, but it does resonate with sentient beings, and it carries with it a certain ethos. That ethos is not enforced by one's alignment to the island, but one's alignment is partly composed by that ethos, so abiding it is important for the operation of one's magicks. To this extent, the Aligned are more like priests than like magi. Moreover there are specific tasks that, due to their ethical undertones, serve as the basis for magicks; these are known as "normative forms".

However, the bond is more natural than divine to the extent that one does not need to curry favor with a divinity in order to use one's magicks. One needs to keep one's bond with Hanoma strong due to the nature of the process of alignment, but, given that it is, one effects one's magicks by hermetic, "natural" processes, not divine favor.

The Aligned are different from both priests and most magi in that they neither invoke nor evoke for their spells, but learn, by alignment, to directly manifest their wills in the world by willpower and concentration alone. Your magickal abilities from alignment, as a class, are referred to as "forms", of which there are several subtypes. Type 'help forms' for more information.

The ethos is one of discipline, inner balance, tranquility, and above all harmony with nature. This is how Hanomans understand and make sense of the order of the universe; the Aligned are the most consistent exemplars of this philosophy. This done not mean eschewing chaos per se -- chaos has its place in the universe as well -- but it does mean living a disciplined and balanced life. This lifestyle brought is brought into esoteric fruition by the process of attunement, the process that serves as the basis for alignment.

The Aligned have a certain metaphysical rapport with one another which includes the ability to communicate regardless of distance and language via the 'aligned' communication channel.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

A Basic Aligned Guide can be found in the link.

Specialty Details

Lexiturgy    	  1
Enchantment      	  1
Eudaimonia      	  1

REQS: 2 WIL, 1 CHA, & Need min 75 attunement.

These are in addition to the requirements to be Attuned, as one cannot be Aligned without also being Attuned.

Acupuncture		10
Alchemy			20
Anatomy			10
Animal Lore		20
Archaen			2
Archery			3
Armour Lore		10
Astrology			21
Athleticism		3
Awareness			20
Balance			20
Barbery			2
Biology			20
Breath Control		4
Calligraphy		20
Cartography 		20
Carving			10
Centering			20
Channeling			20
Chirurgery			2
Cilaghai			2
Combat Reflexes		3
Concentration		22 (Possibly 20 and +2 from Attuned?)
Conjuration		20
Cosmology			20
Courage			10
Critical Thinking		3
Dancing			20
Demolition			2
Diagnosis			10
Digging			1
Diplomacy			2
Discipline			20
Disguise			2
Dodge			1
Drawing			20
Eideturgy			30
Elder Lore			10
Empathy			20
Enchantment		20
Equestrian			2
Etiquette		        2
Farming			2
Firefighting		5
First Aid			10
Fishing			10
Gem Lore			10
Hardiness			1
History			20
Homeopathy			10
Imagination		22 (See above)
Insect Lore		10
Introspection		20
Jumping			3
Kyotsugo			20
Law			10
Leadership			2
Leeching			2
Legend Lore		20
Linguistics		20
Literacy			20
Livestock Breeding		2
Load Bearing		1
Logic			20
Machine Operation		2
Martial Arts		20
Mathematics		20
Meditation			20
Memory			10
Mimicry			10
Mineral Lore		10
Musical Composition	20
Navigation			10
Order Affinity		20
Painting			20
Percussion Instruments	20
Philosophy			20
Physics			20
Piety			3
Plant Lore			20
Poetry			20
Poison Lore		2
Politics			2
Prose			20
Psychology			20
Qlippotic Lore		10
Recuperation		10
Rhetoric			20
Riding			2
Rigging			10
Rune Lore			20
Scholarship		20
Sculpture			20
Seamanship			10
Shield			1
Siege Engineering		2
Singing			20 
Somatesthesia		4
Staff			3
Stamina			10
Stringed Instruments	20
Subordination		10
Summoning			20
Sword			3
Symbology			20
Teaching			20
Telesma			30
Telesmatic Weapon		20
Tenacity			10
Thari			2
Theology			10
Traps			2
Unarmed Combat		3
Weapon Lore		10
Wind Instruments		20

You say, [- i want to become aligned -] in beautifully-accented Kyotsugo.

Taiji states, ->) I see you are serious, but you must be well-rested and mentally able to do your part in the initiation rite. Rest a few moments before asking me again. (<- to you in Kyotsugo.

Taiji states, ->) Olaris's presence is welcome here, though there are some questions of his that I will never answer. (<- in Kyotsugo.

                               ~%@)*(   +   )*(@%~
                               Aligned: Guild News
   Welcome to the guild.  The best way to inform me of bugs, typos, or other
   problems or suggestions is via a page on the Lost Souls wiki:
       -- Twilight, 9/08
                               -+>>     -     <<+-
   Inertia has been updated to make more sense.  It now keeps track of your
   overall hit point change and *either* heals you or damages you, depending
   on whether that change is net positive or negative.  (The old behavior
   was to keep tracking of healing and damage separately, and both damage
   and heal you based on each, which was confusing and contrary to the spirit
   of the power, which is supposed to capture your overall trajectory.)
       -- Twilight, 12/08
                               ~%@)*(   +   )*(@%~

You are now a first-degree specialist in leximancy and telesma. Taiji states, ->) Very good. I will attempt to find your essence within Hanoma. While I nu rel, visualize your true self. This will complete the initiation rite. (<- in Kyotsugo. Taiji closes his eyes in concentration.

Leaving the Aligned

You must have gained at least three levels since joining to even try. One may rejoin 4 months after leaving, assuming you still meet the requirements. Also, this happens. Taiji was overcome with something at the time so I have no idea what he was saying. --shinichizio

You state, "I wish to leave the aligned." in Sperethiel.
The pale-blue-skinned male anthrope states, ->) Ti ro.  Grapo keblong glos
oaak ubet fo lo lunit, oquaip kilid keblong i kadut akeeb taus.  Bieq keblong
i les keae. (<- in halting, beautifully-accented Kyotsugo.
The pale-blue-skinned male anthrope sighs and closes his eyes.
You release your true self back into Hanoma.
You are overcome with emptiness and disconnection.
You look stricken.
You have been stunned.
End of spoiler information.
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