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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



This guide assumes you know enough about Lost Souls to function, but nothing about the Aligned guild or how they work. Enjoy.

Aligned are a pretty fun guild and all. But to be proper at it, there are some basic things you should do first as prep work before joining.

Having a talent is handy, as Aligned are great with psionic stuff. But it's not something that is truly need to function.

Make sure you start as a Ordered character. That helps speed this process along.

Race Selection

Picking a smart race is normally a good idea, high Int/Wil/Cha is a plus. Aligned effectively use every stat for forms besides Str/Con. If you plan to play a Orc Aligned/Hellwalker, then that will work. But you might not be the best Aligned ever though.

A race with Autodidaction is a plus.

A psionic race is also a plus, but that severely limits your choices.

A few of my favorites include:








I highly suggest you instantly join the Aisenshi at level 1.

If your race has Autodidaction this will grant you Combat Meditation.

This will also give you the Chi attacks, with are very handy to have in Aligned.

Note that you don't wish to explore much as you want to not level so fast while in the Aisenshi.

It is possible to get all the Aisenshi special attacks, at level 1. You just need to train with Musashi properly and learn them. "Properly" includes setting your Evocation specialty level very high.

Also, be sure to get some of the Kyotsugo language skill. Calligraphy skill helps too - if you can leave Aisenshi with at least 140 Calligraphy, you'll have access to Mask (Aligned Form) as soon as you get 100 QP.

After you have the attacks/possible philosophy talent/combat meditation (if your race allows), then ask to leave. Musashi will tell you that you need to advance 3 levels before leaving.

If you're still level 1, go do a few riddles from the At'lordrith's Riddle quest. Don't finish it, just get enough xp to leave Aisenshi.

If he still doesn't let you go, just train your Philosophy skill more. And he will let you leave.

Be sure to go through your specs and make sure you free up as many as possible. As you will have some specs still in skills that were not removed.


Every Aligned, is also part of the Attuned

After leaving Aisenshi, go and instantly join the Attuned while your skills are decaying.

The first requirement for Aligned is that you must have been granted chakra energy from your Attunement with nature.

To be granted a chakra, you must have reached around 75 attunment from the Attuned association.

Since you will use Order Affinity a lot, I advise putting some wil specialties into that, and training it up a bit. It's also amazing for Attunement.

Read more about how Attunement works by clicking on the link.

Once you get your chakra, go talk to Taiji and join Aligned. Even if you have some left over skill decay from Aisenshi.

First Steps

If you're level 4, like you should be, then you're on track.

Now you start off with the basic forms first for free. You might also get a few others from your time in the Aisenshi.


Forms are the Aligned version of spells.

There is no need to speak aloud, all Forms are used by thinking, sub-vocalizing, or visualizing things.

Your degree of proficiency with Forms will be based off a rating taken from your level of skills/attributes with relate to the Form.

Take notice that Aligned get terrible combat related skill access. You're forced to use more creative ways to gain martial skill. Basically, the higher you get your perfection ratings with Forms, the better the buffs will be from them. Some Forms can change the outcome of a battle completely if you used them in right time and in the right order.

Order Energy

Every Form takes a bit or a lot of Order Energy to be used.

Some Forms are just a 1 time use kind of deal, where you activate the form, use the order energy it takes, and that's it.

Others have a consistent drain upon your order well.

Run out of order energy, and all the ones that are draining your energy will be turned off. We'll talk about how to charge/refill your Order energy in a bit.

Your max order energy is mostly based off your Order Affinity and Centering skill, and possibly other stuff like Attunement. (and Eideturgy. a loooot from eideturgy)

Basic Forms

These are the first forms you will have experience with as a Aligned

True Self

The most used Form ever is the True Self Form. This converts your Spiritual Energy, to Order energy. If your Order energy is full then it will heal you.

It also trains your Order Affinity skill, so that's nice.

True Colors

Every time you manifest a form, you may notice a violet halo appearing in the air above you.

Well, every Aligned has a personal color, and True Colors allows you to change that color.

All Aligned have their natural eye color as a True Colors option.

Morning's Prime

Manifests a few little larks of light that follow you around. Very nice for those who wish to illuminate rooms.


You may see other Aligned who when activate forms do not have a halo appear over their head.

  Example: A midnight blue image of a crescent moon momentarily appears in the air above you.

Every Aligned also gets a personal image, Charge allows you to change that image.

This will appear on any weapons you manifest later. Your options of what image you can have depends on your perfection rating with the Form itself. And, you can submit new ones if it's not already on the list.


Bridge is also a very important form that Aligned off all levels normally use. It makes you a freaking ninja pretty much. It also has a constant drain on your Order Energy.


Ambience is also somewhat important to get early on. As it allows you to deal more damage by buffing skills. Also nice for exploring since it will generate a mental image of a map displaying your current surroundings.

Will also buff your attack ratings by a large amount when 100% perfection.


You should try to get Integrity. This creates a stone you may wear which charges your Order Energy, allowing you to actively use those Forms which have a slight constant drain and not worry to much.

You could always have a more advanced Aligned that's close to your size make you said stone though. But, any half decent Aligned will have this form quickly.


Mimesis is a handy little trick that has a heavy drain on your order well. It creates several motes which float around you and can be impressed with various damage types that happen to or around you. You can then fire back said damage types from these motes to deal damage. Each mote gets a damage type impression, how potent the impression is can be based off how effective the attack is, and your perfection with the form. There are multiple ways to fire a mote, ranging from which principle is used, or if the most potent impression is used.


This form produces a straw hat for you to wear. At first, it may seem like it does nothing. However it increases your Blindfighting skill by a lot.

Tendo Calcaneus

This manifests a pair of pants for the Aligned to wear. Buffs some skills, similar to all of the Aligned gear.


Creates a pair of sandals, buffs the Running skill, typically provides a small speed buff.


Creates a shirt, buffs Vitality, Breath Control, Somatesthesia and possibly some other skills.


Allows the Aligned to breath underwater. It's like we get everything!

Chakra Forms

These are pretty useful.

Chakra's buff skills and stats. Skills and stats help with Forms. Forms help with being a Aligned.

I personally keep all my chakras charged to the max.

The Chakra Forms are as followed:


This form charges the muladhara Strength chakra, which buffs strength and some various skills related to it. Also at max charge it grants a small amount of the Thanatogalvanism trait.

Fire Flower

This Form charges the Ego chakra, at max it only buffs some skills. Not the most important of chakra's, but nice to have eventually.

Thousand-Petaled Lotus

This charges the sahasrara (Willpower) chakra. At max it provides the Wingless Flight trait. That's right, Aligned have a method of flying without any magickal items.


Charges the svadhisthana (Agility) chakra. One of the most important chakras, as at max it provides the Paraneurism trait, meaning you can't be stunned.

Third Eye

Charges the Ajna (Perception) chakra. Another vital chakra, as at max it provides the Paravision trait, meaning you can never be blinded.

Will also buff Combat Meditation skill by +40 at max

Poison and Nectar

Charges the vishuddha Intellect chakra. Buffs various skills for some Forms.


Charges the anahata (Vitality) chakra. Handy to have, increases total hp, and at max grants 1 in the Regrowth trait.

Chaos Star

Unless you have high Chaos favor of Chaos Affinity skill, then this form isn't to helpful...

But if you do, then this is a very nice chakra to have. As it buffs most of the skills related to a lot of Forms.


There is no form for the Padme chakra, which is a must for any high functioning Aligned.

Read more about Chakras here.

Weapon Forms

This is where everyone tends to divide on. Aligned get a ton of options for weaponry.

I've always thought, that Aligned are a sort of "Jack of All Trades" when it comes to weapons. As you can really use anything pretty well, but it's better to be focused on one type of weapon.

If you plan on joining a Association that grants you a weapon Form, then it's most likely best to use that.

With Bridge on, you will also be very good at unarmed attacks. So a mix of that and your weapon works nicely.

These are the following weapon forms for Aligned.


Flycatcher creates a yari (small 1 handed spear for most races) for the Aligned to use.

Only Aligned who are also Spearmaidens are allowed to have access to this form.

Besides being a excellent weapon, it also does a few unusual damage types, such as fire and crystal.


This creates a walking staff (Bo) for the Aligned. It is a decent blunt weapon and is relatively quick in combat.

Unless you have a special reason to be using a staff, you don't typically see many Aligned using this Form.

Arch and Orbit

Arch creates a longbow for the aligned, Orbit creates arrows.

When both are mixed Arch ends up being one of the best bows in the game.

This is a method for making a viable archer themed character.


Ka is a form for those Aligned who have joined Clyde's Wandslingers and have taken a vigil over Hanoma.

Besides having a infinitely rechargeable wand, you can also change the damage type and characteristics of the wand.

Whatever you set it to however, part of the damage type will always be cold.

With the changes and nerfing to Wandslingers, I no longer recommend using wands as a primary weapon, however it's something that goes well on say ... a Wayfarer cannon (like Peacemaker).


Wingspan manifests a katana for the Aligned to use. It is a weapon of nice quality, and offers the 4 basic elements as damage types.

Not as good as some artifacts in the game, however something is better than nothing!

Hidden Flourish

Hidden Flourish manifests a tessen for the Aligned to use. They're a combo of dagger/shield weapons and have excellent deflection ratings. This is one of the more popular Aligned weapons.

Heaven and Hell

Aligned that are also Orcs can join Hellwalkers, these select few get access to a Ono (1 handed axe), that is compatible with the Hellwalker powers.

Very nice weapon for Aligned Hellwalkers.

Advanced Forms

These require a little more training to get, but do more and cooler things then the basic starting ones.


Lattice allows you to shift the material of a object slowly into solid order energy.

This changes the color of the item to golden, and makes it significantly stronger and more durable.

You must use an item that has a crystalline atomic structure as a catalyst for this Form.

This practice is known as "Order Infusing", and it is recommended you infuse any gear you wish not to lose.


As a Aligned, you may find yourself encountering many different types of energies and damage types. Some of these damage types may even be used on yourself.

The form Six manifests a lute with some rather nice qualities, when strings are plucked in a particular order, you gain a slight resistance buff to corresponding element types.

Many in One

Many in One is similar to Integrity, except it produces a Manifold Stone.

This stone grants a additional +1 to Order and Chaos Favor.

One in Many

This form allows you to make copies of items. <- Fucking Awesome right?

Not all objects can be copied, such as Artifacts or specific quest items.

However most of your rare gear can be copied. Such as that fancy breast plate you're wearing, or your manifold stone.

It's always best to replicate your keep-able gear and wear the duplicates.


Flux form just removes all copies of objects you have made, relieving the drain on your Order well, and possibly returning some Order energy depending on your perfection.


Tesseract is a relatively new form.

It seems to buff some skills, provides some Hyperspatiality trait, allowing you to easily explore the full boring-ness of the Exoma.


Blossom is really handy as it allows you to charge a chakra higher. Making the attribute and skill buff from it be sweeter.

When held, the flower does a pretty sick discharge attack. Which is cool because it's a free attack.

The chakra you set it to is mostly preference.

Each chakra gives the flower a different damage type for it's attack.

Personally, I always have my Blossom set to the Padme chakra, as it buffs most of the Forms to the point where I can get a few without really need to work hard for them.

Sleeping Moon

Sleeping Moon buffs the empathy skill of whatever you use it on, as well as debuffing Killer Instinct skill to -100. This form might seem more utility in nature, but empathy is used in many Form ratings, and is also a harm skill for some races.


The Inertia form is really cool, because when used in combat it will deal full body order damage based upon the amount of damage you yourself deal to the target. But, it the target is healed by order, then you'll just be healing them. So... watch out; because so many things are immune to order.

This form is just another way of dealing damage, and is used very often.


Articulation manifests a glass tail for the Aligned. Handy if you wish to hold three things!

Many Aligned use their tails to hold their Blossom flower.


Created a robe/kimono/cloak that hides the current equipment you're using. Very handy for causing deception among other players, peeping toms don't get to see what equipment you're using.

Nature's Joints

One of the more complex forms to get when starting, the Nature's Joints form will buff the your harm skills for whatever you are fighting, increasing your damage output for combat a little more.

It's not a thing you will die without, but it will make you a bit better. Which is always nice.


If by now you have had any experience with the Exoma, you'll know it can be a fairly dangerous place.

Well, everyone has their personal "safe zones" in the exoma. These are known as Microcosims, Oasis allows you to teleport to yours.


Echo has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Aligned.

While it's buffs are insanely nice. It has a rather large draw back.

Using Echo is solely preference, go read about it and decide if you wish to use it.

You need to have like 175 attunement, so it's a Form that comes a little later for you.

Normative Forms

These forms are gained by doing varous activities, spanning from Quests to Exploration.

Exploration Forms

These forms are gained by exploring the world of Lost Souls, and are as follows.


Stride grants you the ability of instant short distance teleportation. At great order energy cost however. Stride also has a drawback, if you attempt to teleport into a space that is nonexistent, then you will encounter immense pain.


Wander is a form that is used when the Mimesis form is activated. It consumes a entire motes impression and sends it flying towards whoever you target. You can't be too close to the target, but also not too far away.


Phase is one of the ultimate Aligned Forms. It shifts your body into the Umbra, giving you great martial prowess and some various other traits. Phase also gives you Spiritual Disjunction, so you will not be able to regenerate spirit points while using it. You're also not a "real" Aligned until you unlock the Phase form.

Quest Forms

The following forms are gained by doing various quests.


Prism is another amazing form for Aligned. It's the AoE of our guild.

You must complete the Kill Blue quest to learn of it.


Puzzle is one of the most sought after forms for Aligned, as it allows you to re-size equipment much better than any NPC.

To acquire the Puzzle form, you must complete all 3 Catelius quests.


A important form for most Aligned, as it produces a mask which when worn, grants Invisibility and Intangibility.

To acquire Mask, you much have reached at least 100 quest points.

Office Related Forms

These forms are gained from holding a in-game office.


Gained from being the Whisper Of Hanoma once, this is a very handy form since the office tends to jump around often.

To obtain the Whisper of Hanoma office, you must have either the Psyhic Healer or Stromlord wild talents and at least 80 politics skill. When you have both, go talk to Ei about Hanoma.


Gained from being the Archmage once. Allows teleportation to current Archmage. Since the Archmage is considered the best magic user on the mud that's currently active, why would you want to teleport to them? Because the Archmage has the ability to draw upon the spiritual energy of everyone who is eligible for that office, including other Aligned. If the current Archmage is abusing this power to the point where it makes it difficult for you to play, then you can use this form as part of a plan to try to do something about it. Alternately, if you want to team up with the current Archmage, or even just use them as a teleportation waypoint, this form allows a convenient means of doing so..

Melange Addiction

If you're a psionic race, this means you get a free talent for as long as you remain addicted. I recommend grabbing a vial of it and then using One in Many to replicate your vial, drinking the replications.

If you're not a psionic race, this means you get a small bonus to some mental skills plus a max 40 skill bonus to combat meditation if you have it.

Being addicted also grants the Situational Awareness trait.


Low level Aligned have the advantage of extremely easy challenges, so it's best to do as many of those as possible, since they can charge your chakras or give potions/rings/skill xp in weird skills that Aligned use.

Also, it rewards you for doing things you'd already want to be doing, like quests for Zrael form. Or exploration for Phase.


Potions are very handy, you should attempt to find some specific types during your travels, as they will buff you for short durations.

 Potions of Spellcraft: Buffs magickal skills for a short time, randomly loaded.
 Potions of Heroism: Buffs all stats by 25 for roughly 5 minutes, 1 spawns at Darkhold in the top of the tower.
 Potions of Powercraft: Buffs physical skills which Aligned can often find useful, randomly loaded.
 Potions of Speed: Very briefly applies a decent speed modifier, randomly loaded.
 Potions of Metacognition: Buffs psionic skills, randomly loaded. 
 Potions of Intoxication: Handy to have for the Celebrant challenges. 

Most of them you can often find as rewards from doing Challenges. (or from solving the catelii, but you can only do 3 of those per character.)

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