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->) the Attuned (<-

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                            Attuned: Association News

   I've tweaked some of the factors in Attunement level calculation.
   Specifically, the trait factors now check the "true" base trait, i.e. apart
   from bonuses you get from a highly boosted order/chaos affinity.  To
   compensate, the amount you get from your *base* order/chaos affinity has
   been increased.
       I also threw in a penalty to your attunement level for being too
       -- Twilight, 10/08
                                ->) (<  +  >) (<-

Attunement is the esoteric process of ordering the structure of one's essence with the structure of nature. With attunement one achieves inner serenity through environmental harmony. The Attuned are a loosely affiliated band of wanderers who have initiated themselves in this process by meditating on certain significant patterns in the Hanoman ecosystem. The cause of these patterns is poorly understood, but their significance is beyond doubt.

Attunement is primarily mental, achieved through discipline, meditation, awareness of patterns, and most of all one's commitment to a rapport with order. The main benefit of attunement is that rapport, though it is said that at higher levels of attunement one can further harmonize oneself with the universe through meditation. To estimate your level of attunement, visualize Hanoma. Type 'help order affinity' and 'help order favour' for more information on the nature of attunement.

The Attuned have a certain metaphysical rapport with one another which includes the ability to communicate regardless of distance and language via the "attuned" communication channel.

Though attunement is not per se a magickal or psychical process, it will open up potential avenues of advancement for practioners of those arts; the same goes for certain esoteric scholastic and physical disciplines.

You may attempt to sever your connection with nature by decreasing your attunement as much as possible, returning to where you began attunement on Hanoma, and visualizing Hanoma disintegrating.

  • Beware that upon leaving the Attuned, you will not be able to rejoin for a certain period of time. (9 months, real time.)
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


To Join the Attuned, go to 0, 2, 0 in Hanoma and reflect on bark. The phrase that will attune you is "reflect further upon the significance of the pattern". Ordered alignment of honorable or higher is required.

You fixate on the patterns in the bark.
In a flash of fleeting insight, you grasp that the pattern contains some sort of fractal 
iterability that extends to all things, including your own
You are now a first-degree specialist in introspection, mathematics and meditation.
You have begun attuning your own structure to the structure of the universe.  Type 'help 
attuned' for more information.

Specialty Details

Introspection      1..+4
Mathematics        1..+4
Meditation         1..+4
Awareness          1..+4
Discipline         1..+4
Order Affinity     1..+7

Total is 1 INT, 2 PER, 3 WIL

 I believe most of these are accumulative only
Breath Control		+1
Cartography		+1
Centering		+2
Concentration		+2
Cosmology		+1
Empathy			+2
Equilibrium		+2
Imagination		+2
Logic			+1
Martial Arts		+1   
Painting		+1   
Physics                 +1   
Philosophy		+1
Scholarship		+1
Sculpture		+1
Somatesthesia		+1
Symbology		+2

Leaving Attuned

Leaving the Attuned will bar you from rejoining for 9 months.

Leaving the Attuned requires you to lower your degrade your attunement to a suitable level. Generally getting really drunk and lowering your order affinity works wonders. Lowering the key skills to within their minimum specialization may also be required.

Important: You can only leave at the place that you joined Attuned.

You must also have first left affiliations which require being attuned:

One cannot cease being attuned while that attunement is affording one a measure of demonic blood.

Leaving Example

visualize Hanoma;visualize Hanoma disintegrating

   You visualize Hanoma.
   You visualize Hanoma in your mind as a clearly-delineated form, as though on a map, with only the essential circular bounderies retained; your attunement with the universe is resilient (155).
   One cannot simply will away attunement in a moment; one must first work it out of one's essence.

visualize Hanoma;visualize Hanoma disintegrating

   You visualize Hanoma.
   You visualize Hanoma in your mind as a clearly-delineated form, as though on a map, with only the essential circular bounderies retained; your attunement with the universe is resilient (153).
   You visualize Hanoma, and then will it apart in your imagination watching the elegant balance of the borders blur, erode, and distend into a formless randomness.
   You are overcome with emptiness and disconnection.
   You look stricken.
   You have been stunned.
   You forsake your commitment to attunement with the universe.
   You suddenly feel a disquieting void within your attuned essence that was once occupied by an echo of (your) soul, a void that does not seem temporary.
   You no longer specialize in eudaimonia, introspection, or meditation. [event logged]
End of spoiler information.


Cannot be destroyers or fanatics.

Forbidden from specializing in Chaos Resistance. (This seems to no longer be the case)

Forbidden from specializing in Torture.

As an ELF Guerrilla, you could not become a proponent of order by joining the Attuned.

Clerics are prohibited from joining, as they are incompatible with the Initiate affiliation type.

You can't join Attuned if you are Undead, so be aware of this before joining RW for example.

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