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Trait Category: Esoteric

Trait Type: Rating
Overall Possible Natural Values: 0 to 20
Order favour represents one being naturally attuned to the forces of order in the universe.  This is at the level of one's basic
spiritual makeup rather than affiliation with order-following groups or lawful behavior; one can be of completely chaotic alignment
and worship a goddess of chaos (if one will have you) and still possess the trait of order favour, though it may be more of a burden 
than anything else in that situation.  Order-favoured individuals are often able to benefit from order-related events that would be 
harmful to others, and many enchantments and devices of order will recognize them as friend rather than foe. Individuals with the 
ability of Order Affinity will naturally develop order favour as their development in that area progresses.
Development Information: The order favour trait was created by Den and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Mon Oct 07 13:15:05 2013.

See Also: ethics, order, chaos favour, order affinity

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