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This page discusses the concept of Order as it exists in Lost Souls, both as an ethical principle and as a fundamental aspect of reality.


Ethical Order

As an alignment or ethical code, Order represents law and hierarchy. This is the sort of order promoted by Axa or Yehovah; one of obedience to higher authority for the good of everyone. Axa limits the 'everyone' to 'the law-abiding,' but Yehovah promotes an attitude of reformation and rehabilitation among his followers.

Cosmic Order

Order on a cosmic scale is the harmonious and productive arrangement of axiomatic fundamental principles. Or to put it another way, the reason that particles tend to behave a certain way consistently from one minute to the next is a function and measure of order. This isn't to say that Order doesn't allow change, but it's always constrained change; the changing of the seasons is an orderly phenomenon, but abruptly changing snow into cathartic release isn't; they're not even of the same class of substance.

Ordered Gods

Many gods and other spiritual entities tend to be closer to ethical order than cosmic order, but the promotion of cosmic order underlies nearly all such beings on some level -- as they themselves are dependent upon it. Only an insane or suicidal entity would be antagonistic to this principle.

Order Favour

Gods of law look with pleasure upon order favour, but it is not directly a product of their blessing. Order favour does not reflect acting in accord with laws. Instead, it indicates a spiritual alignment with some aspect of Order on a cosmic level -- and although Order is often perceived as more benign than Chaos, it may simply be that the Orderly entity wants to bend all reality to hir whim, or is spiritually aligned with the stratifying and stagnating aspects of the destructive aspect of Order.

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