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You are the recipient of one of the potent Rings of Power created by Lord Ahrikol: a Ringwielder. Channeling power far beyond that associated with the ordinary enchanted rings found throughout the land, a Ring of Power is a tremendous boon. Ahrikol, wishing to find favor with individuals of greatness and excellence, offers these Rings to worthy individuals from time to time, asking only the occasional service in return.

The power of the Rings is focused in runes inscribed upon them. 'help runes' has further information on these.

The Ringwielders are not a secret society. If you wish to share with others the tale of how you came to possess a Ring of Power, feel free. Details of the operations of the runes themselves is likewise not a matter of secrecy, though the advantage of sharing information one might otherwise have to oneself is questionable.

A unique property possessed by Ringwielders is their immateriality, a fascinating side-effect of the use of the Rings. 'help immateriality' contains more information.

The power of the Ringwielders is focused in the One Ring, the supreme Ring of Power worn by Ahrikol. Ringwielders can sense it at any time simply by visualizing it.

See 'help Ringwielder credits' for development credits on the Ringwielders.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


  • You need one intellect-based specialty point available for the required specialty in power tuning, an ego-based specialty point available for the required specialty in power generation and two perception-based specialty points available for the required specialties in power direction and subordination.
  • You need 30+ quest points to join.
  • Any member of a goblinoid race (this includes trolls and skavens) needs to further prove themselves as more than just footsoldiers in Ahrikol's army, so their quest points requirements are doubled (60+).
  • If you try to join as a tuatha, (likely most fey races), Ahrikol will make you bring him the head of Finwe before he will allow you to join.


Go to Yevath, once inside, go to Ahrikol and say 'I seek a Ring of Power'.

Joining gives specialization in power direction, power focusing, power generation, power tuning, subordination, as well as rune lore.

If the One Ring has somehow been taken from Ahrikol, you'll need to get it back before you can join. No current RW can use their powers, either.

Ahrikol booms, [[ Befoul not my sight until you have brought the One Ring
back to me, Nier! ]] at you.


This is the base specialty access, before any runes. Checked quickly with a Losthavener Human. Various restrictions may not have been observed.

Specialty		Access
Anatomy			3
Anglic			3
Angrak			3
Arcane Lore		4
Archery			4
Armour Lore		3
Astrology		4
Athleticism		3
Awareness		3
Axe			4
Bludgeon		4
Brawling		1
Centering		4
Climbing		1
Combat Reflexes		4
Concentration		4
Courage			3
Crossbow		4
Dagger			4
Demolition		4
Discipline		4
Dodge			4
Equilibrium	        4
Finance			1
Find Weakness		4
Firefighting		1
Flail			4
Hammer			4
History			4
Insect Lore		1
Jumping			1
Killer Instinct		3
Lack of Weakness	4
Law			3
Leadership		4
Legend Lore		4
Lockpicking		1
Massive Blow		3
Massive Exertion	3
Memory			3
Orienteering		1
Ownership		4
Pain Tolerance		4
Poison Lore		4
Pole Arm		4
Power Direction		10
Power Focusing		10
Power Generation	10
Power Tuning		10
Practice		1
Precision Strike	4
Quickness		3
Resilience		3
Rigging			3
Rune Lore		3
Scholarship		3
Shield			4
Sling			4
Spear			4
Staff			4
Steadiness		3
Stealth			3
Subordination		5
Swimming		1
Sword			4
Tactics			3
Takargu			3
Theology		1
Throwing		4
Torture			4
Tracking		3
Traps			1
Unarmed Combat		1
Vocalization		4
Weapon Lore		3
Wyrding  	  	4



Runespace and Runes

  • According to change 3036, Saintly ethics and Diabolical alignment would be theoretically best for runespace. Order/Chaos is unconfirmed, but Chaotic would probably work best.
    • Chaotic Ethics and Ordered Alignment is NOT good
  • Your current alignment matters to Ahrikol - shifting alignment from Saintly/Chaotic to Diabolical/Chaotic unlocked some extra runespace.
  • More Quest points means more runespace.
  • More exploration points means more runespace.
  • More skill in Leadership and Subordination means more runespace.
  • More immateriality means more runespace. Immateriality seems to be a byproduct of other factors like QP & EP.
  • Additional skill in Rune Lore may contribute as well.
  • Turning in Nenya provides boosts to immateriality and runespace and can be done repeatedly, albeit with diminishing returns. Even if the Destruction of the Three quest has been completed, it is still worthwhile for a RW to turn in Nenya whenever it is available. Turning in Traitor's Rings provides a similar benefit, albeit to a lesser degree.
  • Additional runespace can be purchased for Lux

Runes come in a variety of types, including attack, enhancement, conjuration, active defense, passive defense, divination, domination, teleportation and utility runes. Ahrikol grants runes based on your available runespace. Be aware that not all runes are equal in significance.

Rune significance is ranked in the following order: trivial < minor < moderate < high < major < great < extreme

See 'Ringwielder runes' for additional details of Runes.


  • Rings can resize if you grow/shrink, in order to trigger the resizing, "will my ring of power to adjust to my shape". The effect should cost 100 spiritual points to initiate, and cannot be performed when Ahrikol is not in possession of the One Ring or if the RW is in a no-magic area.

End of spoiler information.
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