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[= Ringwielder Immateriality =]

One of the most fascinating effects of the Rings of Power is the unique transformation the Ringwielder slowly undergoes. As one makes use of the Ring's abilities, one gradually becomes less and less material in nature, a process some interpret as elevation to a higher state of being. This results in changes to one's coloration and, eventually, a distinctive insubstantial appearance; it also provides them with increasing resistance to distresses which afflict ordinary beings: disease, poison, aging, and so on. At various points in the progression to immateriality, the Ringwielder loses his need to eat and drink, his need to breathe, his body's reliance on a vital humour to sustain it, and finally his reliance on any of the ordinary processes of life at all; and, of course, when one has become sufficiently immaterial, one gains the practical benefits of one's body ceasing to interact fully with the material world, such as the ability to walk through closed doors. A drawback of this property, however, is that it makes the Ringwielder increasingly sensitive to sunlight and vulnerable to attacks based on intense light and holy forces.

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