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The source of the Ringwielder's powers is the runes inscribed upon her Ring of Power. There are nine types of rune: attack, enhancement, conjuration, active defense, passive defense, divination, domination, teleportation and utility. For a list of rune names according to these types, see 'help rune list'. For an overview of all runes you have knowledge of, see 'help Rune Summary'. For a detailed list of runes of a given type, see 'help <type> runes'.


Rune Types

Attack runes, when activated, generate an effect intended to be used to harm enemies in combat.

Enhancement runes increase their owner's abilities in various ways, doing so continually as long as the Ring of Power is worn.

Conjuration runes create or transport resources for the Ringwielder to make use of.

Active defense runes must be activated to protect their owner, and generally are too draining to keep activated continuously.

Passive defense runes protect their owner in various ways, doing so continually as long as the Ring of Power is worn.

Divination runes reveal information for their user.

Domination runes enable the user to take control of beings of various races created to serve Ahrikol.

Teleportation runes concern themselves with manipulating space to transport the user, others, or objects from one place to another.

Utility runes are something of a catch-all category, generating various useful effects when activated.

Rune Summary will give you a list of all the runes for quick access.

Rune Activation & Deactivation

For runes which need to be activated, this is done by subvocalizing the name of the rune; for example, 'subvocalize evrak'. Often, runes require additional information to operate, which is called a specification. To provide a specification, subvocalize the rune's name, followed by the conjoining word "kel", followed by the additional information. For instance, to target the rune evrak at an elf, one would 'subvocalize evrak kel elf'.

Runes which are maintained can also be deactivated. To do this, subvocalize the name of the rune followed by "nis"; for example, 'subvocalize somagth nis'. A few runes can have several maintained constructs at once, and you may wish to deactivate one construct and not others, which can be done by giving the target construct as a specification after the word "nis"; for example, 'subvocalize nysevrak nis kel flame blade 2'.

Controlling Runes

Your ability to control any rune depends on various of your skills, and the attributes those skills are based on. All runes depend on the power control skills -- power generation, power direction, power focusing, and power tuning -- to some degree. A rune will generally also be influenced by one or two other skills particularly relevant to its function. Possession of many runes allows you access to skill specialization in relevant skills, usually the same ones the rune depends on.

Petitioning for Runes

To gain additional runes, one must petition Ahrikol for them ('petition for <name>' in Ahrikol's presence). Each rune has a significance associated with it, according to the power it grants; there is a limit to the power Ahrikol will grant any particular one of his thralls.

Choose your runes carefully, as their integration with your Ring of Power is difficult to undo and nearly permanent. In the event that it seems your choice of runes has truly been made poorly, however, you may petition Ahrikol for a rune to be removed ('petition for <name> to be removed' in Ahrikol's presence). Due to the troublesome nature of this operation, Ahrikol will only perform once every three months. Otherwise, you may spend lux to remove a rune without any time requirement.

Each individual rune has help available on it. 'help all runes possessed' shows help on the runes present on your Ring of Power.


This is a abstract measurement of the amount of trust that Ahrikol places into one of his servants, and acts as a cap to the amount of runes any one Ringwielder may bear. Every rune takes up a certain amount, a rough estimate of which can be seen in the 'significance' portion of a rune's helpfile. There are multiple ways to increase your prominence, including using lux at a rate of 10 Lux to 1 Ringwielder Prominence.

Known increases to prominence:

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