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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Character Creation

Ringwielder skills all rely on power direction (perception), power focusing (willpower), power generation (ego), and power tuning (intellect). Choosing races which have high starting attributes/maximums in these statistics is advisable. There seem to be few immediately identifiable benefits to choosing high-strength races for Ringwielders. Drow, Pixies, Phaethon, Dana, Nylocs, and Slaan have all been mentioned as decent starting choices.

A high orienteering (~40) will be beneficial for determining one's location in the wilderness/without a compass. Some literacy and points in Anglic if not taken initially are suggested as well.

Characters of any alignment can join the Ringwielders, however one must note that incarnoi with goodly alignment will be attacked on sight by the guards unless they are a Ringwielder themselves. Thus, it's advised to be of evil alignment before treading on Yevath ground.

Becoming a Ringwraith

Joining the guild requires an apparent minimum of 30 quest points, as well as some skill in rune lore. Rune lore may be learned perhaps easiest from a trainer in Shatterspire, though with some luck it is possible to run into Professor Armitage in a library. The Beorn culture also gives starting access to Rune Lore. Attaining 30 quest points is another matter - easy quests for new players would include the Lost Kentaur, Aid Phyrra, Assassination Quest, Remedios's Tree, the Inner Sanctum Quest, At'lordrith's Riddle, The Source of the Slime, Visit Lakan's Edifice (ONLY IF DEAD), and Ashe's Missing Clipboard, which if all completed should give 42 quest points. The Catelius Minor is an easy quest in Lost Haven which could also be included, and is the only quest in this list that requires combat, though some races may find difficulty with the Inner Sanctum Quest due to drows being aggressive to some races.

Once you have 30+ quest points, +80 skill (in rune lore, and the ability to fly (or get transported by someone), you must go to Yevath, which is located at (22, 5, 3) in Skarlan (Global (508, 86, 3)). New players will likely have to stop and rest a few times along the way. Once you have entered the zone, go to to the bottom (3 rooms from the entrance) and say 'I seek a Ring of Power'. If you have fulfilled the entry requirements, you will join the guild.

In case you are good and yet you meet the requirements, you can ask someone to get you and carry (hide) you in their inventory to Ahrikol. The carrier must have enough STR and SIZ for being able. In case you are carried, you won't get updates when moving; you will have to look manually. You will also need to be dropped so Ahrikol hears you.


Now that you have joined the Ringwielders, you have access to 'help runes' and 'help guild' which will explain the majority of benefits to you. Obvious are the benefits that the ring and its runes provide. Ringwielders, through continued use of the ring and its powers, become insubstantial over time ('help immateriality') and also gain benefits passively through this route. Some benefits include lack of breathing, blood flow, no need for sustenance, as well as the ability to pass through solid barriers.


Undeath is the primary detriment, though also in many cases a benefit. Certain spells and powers are designed specifically to work upon the undead, and eventually you will qualify. Another detriment is the eventual cessation of metabolic functions (eating and drinking, breathing). While beneficial in some ways, as mentioned above, it does mean that no longer can you drink a potion, which might cause some annoyance. There are runes which will temporarily allow circumvention of these restrictions, but they do consume spirit power while active. Your blood will eventually cease to flow as well, which denies some blood magick. Once again this can be overcome with a rune.

Additionally, with greater immateriality, sunlight will come to burn Ringwielders. In time, it is advised to acquire either an ioun of twilight, a lantern of darkfire, the rune Laelinak, or a combination of the three in order to provide darkness.

Eventually, the ability to treat one's own wounds ceases. In this case, the rune Nimisae will come in handy for recovering from injuries, though the use of NPC healers may be required in some circumstances. Note that, to gain regrowth as a race that does not possess it naturally, one must gain the Nverik-xar rune or seek the aid of an appropriate healer.


Runespace is the amount of space you have available for runes. This is based on willpower, your leadership and subordination skills, and how immaterial you are. Quest points appear to play a role in the calculation as well. Exploration points also play a minor roll in runespace.

It is rumored that saintly/ordered ethics with an evil alignment merits an increase in runespace, but few have the ability to actually test this theory. The 'help runes' helpfile says: "It is also said that, while he holds in high regard those with a strong innate sense of ethical integrity, he also recognizes that the world requires difficult moral choices of one and appreciates those willing to make hard decisions." It is not readily apparent what that statement signifies precisely, high regard vs appreciates, however it may refer to this rumor.


The help file for Ringwielder runes is available via the wiki, as is a Ringwielder Rune Summary.

Carefully consider what runes to choose - it is difficult to change runes at a later date!

Commonly recommended initial runes include Zadash, Ciiv, and N'rax. These provide resistance to slashing, piercing and crushing damage, which is a solid foundation upon which to build. It is also recommended that players acquire runes granting resistances to any vulnerabilities their characters/races may have (light for Nyloc, cold for Phaethon, etc).

Tzakhos will allow you to teleport to another Ringwielder, including the trainers Ven and Merethus. It also allows for exiting from Yevath for characters who become stuck inside. It does not however allow for teleportation to Ahrikol, for which Ispiri must be used.

The necromantic attack Festiglis, the acid rune Hlithmar (which is useful later, when working on the Power Potion Quest), and the fire rune Evrak are all good choices for an offensive rune.

The attribute-granting runes are generally advisable to have as well: Krah-li for willpower, Thabtka for intellect, Omavistis for vitality, Vanar for agility, Ekaschos for ego, and Qiange for perception. Note that you will not receive the bonuses associated with the runes until you have the prerequiste skill levels, after which point further increasing the relevant skills will increase the attribute boosts granted by the runes.

Onichald summons a Rhug Shi, a fell beast, to ride. Not only does it fly, but it assists you in combat quite a bit as a new wielder. Also, there is a significant bonus associated with being mounted when in combat. This mount, as well as the fell steed Ringwielders are capable of summoning, do not respond to commands.

Xiriaq allows Ringwielders to identify objects, animate and inanimate.

Nysevrak summons a fiery blade. This comes in handy in a number of circumstances. Fyl'thyrzha is another option, summoning a wind whip instead of a blade, if you'd prefer. Note that Nysevrak does not always summon a sword - it is confirmed to, for some characters, summon a dagger instead.

Tactics and Areas

Important Quests

  • It is important for Ringwielders to eventually do The Destruction of the Three, which upon completion grants extra rune space, a great deal of immateriality, as well as a heavy shift towards evil alignment. It also grants 15 quest points.
  • An important rune, Memtholin, which provides vastly improved spiritual energy reserves, requires completing the Power Potion Quest to use.

Compatable Associations

This list is not comprehensive.

  • Stalker of the Gate
  • Chosen of Vashanka
  • Explorers
  • Garbage Thonds
  • Wandslingers
  • Weapons of Vengeance
  • Legion of Dynamic Discord
  • Fallen Blood of Chaos
  • Wardens
  • Questors of Tyr
  • Soulburners
  • Fianna
  • Jinxian Plutocracy
  • Doppel
  • Kazars
  • Nine-Spoked Wheel
  • Attuned (at least if you're in attuned before RW)


End of spoiler information.
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