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         [ = Nysevrak = ]
 \         [ Type                    : ] conjuration
  \        [ Description             : ] flame blade
   \       [ Significance            : ] minor
  \ \/     [ Activity Cost           : ] fifteen
\  \  /    [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] fifty
 \/ \/     [ Maintenance Spirit Cost : ] five every thirty seconds
           [ Control Skills          : ] eight parts pyraturgy,
                                         three parts conjuration, 
                                         two parts power tuning, two parts weapon lore,
                                         one part power direction, one part power focusing, and one part power generation
           [ Specialty Access        : ] weapon lore, conjuration, and pyraturgy degree II access,
                                     and dagger and sword degree III access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 20 points among
                                         100% of rune lore skill,
                                         100% of pyraturgy skill,
                                     and 50% of weapon lore skill

Activating the rune nysevrak conjures a blade of coherent flame in the hand on which your Ring of Power is worn. This is a weapon of considerable power, and becomes more so with improved control over the rune. The flame blade will dissipate shortly if you cease to wield it, but you can let go of it long enough to switch it to your other hand, and so can use two flame blades simultaneously if you wish. If you are of a small size, the blade will size itself to become a dagger if your non-ring hand is already full - so if you want to make two flame daggers, you should wield something in your non-ring hand, manifest the dagger, unwield the placeholder item, unwield the dagger, wield the flame dagger in your other hand, and then manifest a second dagger - otherwise you will merely manifest a two-handed flame blade even if you're as diminutive as a pixie.

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