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Standard Information

Find an alchemist skilled enough to create a Potion of Power to enhance your abilities.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Nine
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Nine
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Ten
   This quest was created by Chaos.


Being that Erasmus is a master alchemist, he is the best one to answer any questions about potions. When you mention the 'power potion' quest, he tells you all about it.

Erasmus states, 'There are a number of things I will need if I am to brew you a Potion of Power. The first is a hallucinogenic plant of some sort. This is to enhance the partial solipsism the potion will induce. To provide raw power of various varieties, I will need a strong source of electrical energy, a concentrated mass of raw chaos, a unity stone, and an egg from the giant chicken worshipped in Togrek, Hakkax. To alchemically bind these things together, I will need a rare gem called a coruscar, the nature of which will serve to unify the essences contributing to the potion. I will also need a very strong acid to dissolve some of these items properly; I might be willing to scrounge up a collection device for such acid for enough gold. Forty thousand, say. Creating the potion will require a drop of your blood, because a Potion of Power must be made specifically for one person, and only that person may drink it safely.' in lyrically-accented Anglic.

He basically lays it out for you and leaves it up to you to retrieve the items for him. You can give them to him in any order, and he will keep track of how many items you have already given him, even if you quit or the MUD reboots.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The hallucinogenic plant is fresh moss from the Northlands - forage the Taiga ("forage for herbs"), around -1, 3, 0 (Global: -1, 165, 0).

A strong source of electrical energy is a fulgurium crystal. You can sometimes find these as random loads, occasionally on the ground in Lakan, or by foraging for stones in Lakan or Storm Rock, though this last option may take a while between all the other stones you may find. The dragon in Gurbodax also regularly has one.

A concentrated mass of raw chaos is a warpstone. Make sure you have chaos favour before even trying this one. I usually carry mine back to Erasmus in a backpack just to be extra sure. Warpstones are found in the Exoma, either foraged from the ground, on Chaos Knights, or on Slaadi (which there are several of in Shadow Tower). You can also forage them from the Discordian temple.

The giant egg is self explanatory. Seek out Hakkax's nest and raid it for eggs ("search nest"). Just make sure you get the egg to Erasmus before it hatches.

The coruscar is a gem found only in the River Tethys, and it is produced by a creature called a polypid. Kill one, and it will leave behind a coruscar, like an oyster leaving behind a pearl.

The unity stone is pretty simple. Just head to Hanoma and find the blacksmith named Jan Li. He usually has at least one in his shop. Some NPC's that wander the area sometimes have them as well.

The very strong acid can come from a variety of sources. First though, you have to get a crystal vial from Erasmus, and they can be pricy. He says they are 40k, but you can get them for 10k. He needs the money to continue his research. Perhaps the best source of the acid is from the Hydra in Shadow Tower. You'll need to ensure the attack damages you (no dodging, no armor/auras, no full resisting, etc.) for this method to work. The acid can also come from Tiamat, but this is very risky. You can also get some from a wand of acid blobs if you know the correct techniques and your skills are high enough, or you can have a very powerful Ringwielder use the acid rune on you and collect the acid that way. One problem with the acid is that sometimes it will say that the acid isn't strong enough, even from Tiamat. This is due to some weird internal mechanism concerning acid resistance. If you have consistent trouble, try taking off items that provide you with acid resistance, or sometimes just high armor rating. Climbing into the Fort Boastt's acidic well has not been shown to work reliably and can result in your vial being destroyed. Just be sure to open the vial once you're in the well, as opposed to opening it then jumping in. (And get out quickly before you get dissolved!) The balrog in Uvmothog has also been a proven source of this acid. ...of course, if you're feeling more sensible than kind, you can just give the vial to a hapless autonomoi - let's say Bill - and shoot some acid at them, then take the sample if they manage to catch any. NB: If you keep the vial and then successfully fill it you should get a message that says you "catch some of the acid" and then "quickly stopper it tight" followed by a scary message that you are not longer keeping the quartz vial because "it has been destroyed". In actuality, it's now a new item, a "vial of acid", which is exactly what you need.

Once all of the items are given over to Erasmus, he will ask for a drop of your blood. Simply 'nod' and he will concoct the potion for you. Drink the potion to complete the quest.

The effects of the potion consist of 1) very large attribute modifiers that fade out in stages over the next couple of hours*, 2) full restoration of your HP (though not amputated limbs), SP, and endurance, and 3) for psychic races, a guaranteed wild talent, and a strong chance of a wild talent for non-psychic races. Note: strong chance for a *non-psychic race*, can be a less than 1% to a 10% (the max Awakening Rating one can have), chance given how unlikely it is for a non-psychic race to pop a wild talent.

You pull the obsidian stopper from the Potion of Power and raise it to your lips.  The fluid 
inside tastes like nothing and everything -- like pure energy trapped in liquid form.  It
flows into your body and you feel stronger, smarter, all-around *better* than before.
You again experience the dizzying sensation of a hidden floodgate opening somewhere within 
your mind; it seems that your mental enhancement has stimulated the development of another
psychic wild talent.
You have been stunned.

If you try the quest a second time you get the following msg. :(

You drink the Potion of Power, luxuriating in the feeling of the energy-drenched 
liquid flowing down your throat, but peculiarly do not feel different afterward. 
Perhaps the effects only occur once.
  • =On a level 3 kedeth without any attribute development:
Strength    Unearthly [ 390 ]
| Agility     Unearthly [ 388 ]
| Vitality    Unearthly [ 370 ] 
| Ego         Unearthly [ 390 ]
| Intellect   Unearthly [ 400 ]
| Willpower   Unearthly [ 370 ]
| Perception  Unearthly [ 370 ]
[ Head: 447.3  Chest: 984  Spiritual: 2130  Endurance: 2220  Speed: 59 ]
/-------------- Limb Status for Sonen --------------\
| Limb        State      Cur   Max  Size  Equipment |
| Head        healthy  447.3 447.3  7.0%            |
| Chest       healthy  984.1 984.1 21.0%            |
| Right Arm   healthy  447.3 447.3 11.0%            |
| Left Arm    healthy  447.3 447.3 11.0%            |
| Right Hand  healthy  178.9 178.9  4.0%            |
| Left Hand   healthy  178.9 178.9  4.0%            |
| Right Leg   healthy  670.9 670.9 16.0%            |
| Left Leg    healthy  670.9 670.9 16.0%            |
| Right Foot  healthy  223.6 223.6  5.0%            |
| Left Foot   healthy  223.6 223.6  5.0%            |

End of spoiler information.
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