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Gurbodax is a thondur mining camp located in the mountainous regions in the heart of Almeria. The miners have recently encountered difficulties with their mining operation after discovering strangely well-armed and trained kobolds within their mines. Glory-seeking adventurers would do well to investigate.



Gurbodax is located at (33, 3, 3) in Celydon (Global: (33, 3, 3)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

  • (0, 3, 4) Arjay Deo, a knowledgeable hermit who lives atop the mountain peak
  • (-1, 2, -4) Agnek the bookstore owner
  • (-7, 0, -4) Akurch the Mastersmith
  • (4, -3, 0) Colanin the Mine Supervisor
  • (2, 1, -4) Urleka the usurer
  • (0, -4, -4) Tukrr the Dark Aligned

Notable Attractions

  • (9, 2, -4) a bright, bustling speakeasy
  • (2, 1, -4) a dark, quiet usury
  • (-7, 0, -4) a dimly-lit, well-kept smithy
  • (-1, 2, -4) a dingy, monotonous bookstore
  • (1, 0, -4) a filthy, trash-filled shop
  • (-1, 0, -4) the Gurbodax Adventurer's Guild
  • (1, 2, -4) a grim, gray eatery
  • There is a waterfall that can be entered at (-3, -4, -1), and might just contain a very useful type of bottle...


  • Area alignment: Diabolic and Ordered
  • Guards assist: yes
  • You need a password to enter the speakeasy (although you can just break the door or kill the doorman and take his key). Try finding someone who might have rebel sympathies and asking them about the speakeasy or the password.

Akurch drawls, "I probably should not tell you this, but...the password is 'freedom'. Good luck."

  • Garka the Rebel Leader might be able to help you escape the city if you need to, but the trip is one-way only!
  • The Lightning Dragon of Gurbodax can be found at (9, 4, -2) and always carries a piece of lightning essence (fulgurium crystal) with him.
End of spoiler information.


Gurbodax ASCII by shinichizio

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