Lightning Dragon of Gurbodax

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The Lightning Dragon of Gurbodax can be found at (9, 4, -2) and always carries a piece of lightning essence (fulgurium crystal) with him.

The white-streaked blue female dragon hisses, -I am a fourteenth-degree specialist in the dealing of massive blows; a tenth-degree specialist with one bonus degree in the use of eructation; an eighth-degree specialist in pain tolerance; a seventh-degree specialist in intimidation and leadership; a sixth-degree specialist in athleticism and lightning affinity; a fifth-degree specialist in hardiness, the ability to make a massive exertion, resilience, steadiness, and tactics; a fourth-degree specialist in combat reflexes; a fourth-degree specialist with one bonus degree in magick resistance; a third-degree specialist in the ability to make a precision strike, recuperation, and stamina; a second-degree specialist in discipline, the ability to find an opponent's weakness, and unarmed combat; a second-degree specialist with one bonus degree in entropy resistance; a first-degree specialist in the Anglic language, the Angrak language, equilibrium, killer instinct, quickness, the Sperethiel language, and the Takargu language; and a first-degree specialist with one bonus degree in the Xhax language.- in Xhax.

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