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This article is about the polypid creature. For polypids as empathic bonded familiars, see Polypid (Empathic Bond).




Rarity: Exotic
Plural: Polypids
Anatomy: Six-Podded Amorphous
Sexes: Neuter
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy 100%
Identify Skills
    Gem lore
    Legend lore
    Arcane lore
    Exoma fieldcraft


Physical Description

A mass of purplish, veined, gray-mottled flesh of some kind that hovers in the air through no clearly apparent means. It is arranged as a roughly spherical central mass with six smaller pods of flesh equally spaced around it. The thing continually pulsates, though not in unison; different parts of it pulsate at different times and on different rhythms. You recognize it as a polypid, one of a species of creature native to the interplanar River Tethys. They are known mainly for the two effects of their innate capacity to channel and focus surging elemental energies through their inchoate bodies: their highly dangerous capacity to inflict rapidly shifting varieties of elemental damage through their attack pods, and the exotically beautiful rainbow-colored gems called coruscars which, in their natural environment, they form within themselves much in the way an oyster forms a pearl. It has a webwork of sparkling light within and around it. It looks about two and a half dimins across. Its movements are extremely quick.

Its limbs are named upper pod, front pod, rear pod, central mass, left pod, right pod and lower pod.

Damage Types

These may be more random than what I have listed here, but several types seemed to favour a certain limb in my observations.

Limb          Types
upper pod     Electricity
front pod     Acid, Heat
rear pod      Cold, Fire
central mass  N/A
left pod      Acid, Fire, Heat
right pod     Alkaline, Chaos, Fire
lower pod     Cold
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