The Destruction of the Three

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Standard Information

The Fomor lord Ahrikol, benefactor of the Ringwielders, seeks the destruction of the Three, the Rings of Power which elude his control. Find one of the Three -- Narya, Nenya, and Vilya -- and bring it to Ahrikol.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Nine
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Seven
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Nine
   This quest was created by Chaos.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

To find Nenya, you need to find Galadriel. She can be found inside the city of Valathyr, south of the Aliavelyrae guild leader. Be careful killing Galadriel as a powerful warrior named Finwe the Bold wanders near her area and is a more than formidable foe should he catch you in the act of killing any of his kind in the town. Should you successfully relinquish the ring from Galadriel, you will need to travel to Skarlan to 22, 5, 3 in Yevath and gain entry through the gate. Sometimes the guards will escort you right in, but if they do not allow you past the gate, you will need to fight you way in and search corpses for the key to the gate to unlock it. Be weary that one particular npc in the bunch on the other side of the gate will be a formidable foe to deal with.. a lot stronger than the rest of them and may be difficult to contend with for the average adventurer. Once you reach Ahrikol, simply give him Nenya and the quest will be complete.

Ahrikol's eyes gleam with bright reddish light.
Ahrikol rumbles, 'My thanks, mortal.  The destruction of this device will bring me considerably closer to mastery of your world.' in Anglic.
Ahrikol closes his left claw about Nenya, and rays of white light shine out from between his fingers.
After a moment, Ahrikol opens his claw, and a few ashes fall to the ground.
Ahrikol grins in dark satisfaction.
Ahrikol gestures, and Ring of Power glows with a bright white light.
You feel a rush of raw power flowing into and through you.
Ahrikol rumbles, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.' to you in Anglic.
You experience a sensation of raw ecstasy as you realize what an abhorrent act you have committed.


You experience a brief swell of consternation as you wonder whether you have just committed an act
of heroism or of great villainy, but the feeling passes after a moment.
End of spoiler information.
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