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  • Location: Yevath
  • Occupation: Lord of the Rings, caring ruler, and nervous wreck
  • Look
    This is a male fomor with brazen skin, black horns, and red eyes.  You recognize him as the
great fomor lord Ahrikol, master of Yevath, well-known as an expansionist ruler whose armies,
largely of orcs, goblins and trolls, are continually working to increase his dominion.  He is
famed for the creation of Rings of Power, of which he makes gifts to certain individuals in
exchange for their service.  These Ringwielders are often found serving as commanders in Ahrikol's
armies or traveling the world on less obvious missions.  
    He looks about twenty-eight and a half dimins tall, twelve dimins wide, and two and nineteen
twentieths dimins front to back.  
    He is in good shape.  
    He wears an enormous gold ring on his left claw.
  • Info
    If you desire to become a Ringwielder, say 'I seek a Ring of Power'.  If you later regret your
decision, you may express this by saying 'I wish to leave the Ringwielders'.

Aedarene Discern Secrets:

   You sense that Ahrikol has no secrets of note in store that might interest you.
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