Lack of Weakness

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Lack of Weakness

Class: Combat Skills
Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Procedural

This skill represents the honing of one's defenses to eliminate points of 
weakness that an enemy may take advantage of.  The higher this skill, the 
more difficult it is for an enemy to find a weakness in one to attack.
Development Information: The lack of weakness skill was created by Chaos;
the source code was last updated Wed Jan 31 04:34:13 2007.
See Also: Find Weakness


Avalon: Bercilak
wandering: Lhethan Hagal
Kolond: Duthien (only trains dwarves)
Losthaven: Raelan Jax
Mycenae: Kyros
Quetlatl : Itozuma Wanders
Shadow Tower: Boko
Shatterspire: Sthlar
Skarlan: Badlokk
Stillwater: Captain Roberts
tlaxcala: Axton
Kazarak/Kazarzeth: Urdo Wanders
Losthaven Guard: Captain Jonathan Tredwel
Maidens of the Spear:  Sulin
the Stalkers of the Gate: Kalyxes
Wandslingers: Clyde
Aisenshi: Musashi
Brute Squad: Fezzik
Elflords: Celeborn
Hawkmen: Katar
Justicars of Axa: Edwin
Knights of the Round Table: Sir Lancelot
Ordo Ignis Aeternis: Iklam wanders
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