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Avalon is the island to the east of Almeria. Due to intense conflicts with barbarians from the north and minions of Esartur from the east, only two of the cities have opened their gates to the public. Camelot resides as the military and political center of the island, while Devonshire is the mercantile center. King Arthur and his knights provide protection to all of the inhabitants, and an uneasy truce has been set between the staunch Yehovists and the previous occupants who are more polytheistic. Lawbreakers have a tendency to be dealt with harshly and quickly.



There are many fortified keeps around the island and many cities that have sealed their gates in order to survive the long period of darkness that followed the withdrawal of Altrian troops from the island. As Arthur begins to be able to provide more protection, and as Devonshire begins to have more significant amounts of trade, more and more cities may be opening their gates to the outside world.

Some of these closed cities have begun testing the waters of this newfound security that Arthur has to offer. A small contingency of elves has been spotted scouting in the woods, rumours abounding that their leader has ruled over them since before the rise of the Altrian Empire. Others have reported a strange branch of Lupines that still hunt the moors and woodlands, despite the relentless hunting by the local wolfhounds. There are also several small groups that follow their druidic leaders, and a small clan of humans that inhabit the highlands far above the rest of the island.

This is, of course, provided that Arthur and his forces can adequately contend with invasions by Esarturi agents from the east, attacks by barbarians out of Gardagh to the north, pirates preying upon the richly laden merchant vessels that are attempting to spark trade, as well as squelch any internal conflicts that arise from having so many people from different backgrounds and ideologies contained in one small nation.

To accomplish all of this, Arthur has lessened the stringency of typical Yehovist intolerance, and sided with the Clerics of Devonshire, which seem to be going through some internal conflicts of their own. New alliances will have to be formed, especially since there seem to be many more enemies appearing on a daily basis. Who will be the new allies, perhaps the Lightbringers with their new emmisary in Camelot, or perhaps the Sentinels? And who are these new enemies that have, until now, remained in the shadows? The future of Avalon is uncertain at best.

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