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Village of Thessalae

The once prosperous Village of Thessalae Has been reduced to ruins and decay. The stench of death permeates the town, as carrion birds circle the village. The once beautiful forest, has become a fowled and stagnant swamp. The inhabitants of the town lying in a mass grave, their bodies twisted and featureless. The forest that has survived, empty, and eerily quiet. No animals crawling around, no birds chirping, utter silence. There is only one remaining inhabitant of the village, the Alchemist Trent, seek him out.

In spite of the horrendous plague which has slain nearly all the living in this village, there is an island of purity which remains. A holy symbol of Mithras will cleanse the corruptness of disease from any with the courage to brave the diseased forests and ascend to it.


Thessalae is located at (0, -34, 0) in Avalon (Global: (162, 47, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Banshee

Notable Attractions

  • Mansion
  • Woods


  • City alignment:
  • If you get lost in the woods with no exit, wander to path
  • Something to do with Shadowsbane, the crimson blossom of agony, and something else. Black lotus sitting around and a message about the closet, so that's probably something. Banshee's there, but doesn't respond to anything. (if you can figure out anything with Trent, edit this page to let me know)

The Secrets of Thesselae

Hello, this is Xathanon speaking. I'm going to be doing everything I can to uncover every secret hidden away in this crappy little town with weird messages and bad movement support. (why do I have to climb to the balcony, I'm a dragon with big, flying wings!)

Part 1: Trent & Shadowsbane

Trent seems to want you to retrieve Shadowsbane for him - reasons and results currently unknown.

Shadowsbane is an artifact crossbow that does extra things to kill undead things. It can be found with a 'search here' in the room outside of the banshee hut.

     You give Shadowsbane to Trent with your right foreclaw.
     Trent says, "Excellent!  After all these years, Shadowsbane retains its glorious 
 lustre!  Now for the second phase of my plan.  If ever Thessalae is to heal, the plague 
 must be purged from the earth.  I will mix a potion to do this, but to do so I will need 
 you to bring me a trinity of ingredients."
     Trent says, "The first ingredient I must have is the the crimson blossom of agony."

Part 2: The House

If you follow the map that Kenobi made, you will find a weathervane - it vibrates each time one uses the command "pray to Mithras" - no other responses have been discovered.

You will also find, in the end of the rooms before you jump down via chandelier, this message on the wall (found via "l words")

 What has happened?  My sister went first, then my mother.  My father is
 dying.  Somebody please help us, please help my father -- he can't move.  He's
 in the closet...

Currently searching the closet and trying to find what I can.

End of spoiler information.


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