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Trent's hoary visage shows grim determination and sadness as deep as the mass graves of Thessalae's dead. Remorse and hope of vindication have driven this ancient human alchemist well into his second century, and a glimpse into his grey eyes reveals tightly leashed fury and desire for revenge. This is a male human with sickly pale white skin, wispy white hair, and grey eyes. He has a few thin wisps of surging radiance and a tracery of sparkling light within and around him. He looks about seventeen dimins tall, five and two fifths dimins wide, and one and seven twentieths dimins front to back. He is in good shape.

You give a black lotus to Trent with your left hand.

Trent exclaims, "Jerald, I charged thee to bring me Shadowsbane and you brought me a black lotus This will not do at all!"

Trent gives a black lotus to you with his right hand.

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