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The Synodia Lykouros, the Wolf Guardians of Aeda, are a group of garou and humans dedicated to the preservation of the Earthmother, the embodiment of Nature, against all foes. They employ a small number of powers to this end, primarily their ability to assume forms pleasing to Aeda in the natural aspect.

Three critical concepts form the center of Synodia Lykouros's worldview -- Virtu, Rage, and Gnosis.

Virtu is a quality as difficult to quantify as it is significant. Virtu corresponds with skill, but it is not skill; it corresponds with glory, but it is not glory; it corresponds with strength, but it is not strength; it corresponds with courage, but it is not courage. One must have balance to have Virtu, as well as experience and daring; a Synodia Lykouros who is charismatic and cunning has Virtu, but one who is not may also have it. Virtu determines how great one's Rage and Gnosis may be. Each Lykouros Guardian has either a predisposition toward Rage, a predisposition toward Gnosis, or a balance of the two; one's Virtu is divided according to this reckoning to find the Rage and Gnosis one possesses. One's Virtu is a measure of both one's power and one's standing within Synodia Lykouros; those of lesser Virtu must defer with respect to one of greater Virtu, and one of greater Virtu must behave responsibly and with discipline toward those of lesser Virtu, showing them a fit model of the behavior one of Virtu undertakes. Two Lykouroi of equal Virtu should always conduct themselves with respect toward one another, as befits equals. All lykouroi may sense whether another is of equal, greater, or lesser Virtu; this sensing is automatic when one looks upon a fellow pack member.

Rage is the domain of warriors and berserkers, bringing terrible strength and speed to Synodia Lykouros who possesses it. Rage dulls the body to pain and inures it to damage, all the while charging the blood with a fury that demands more blood to sate it. Rage drains energy from the spirit and channels it into the body, giving those of great Rage tremendous endurance and incredibly rapid healing while the spirit remains unexhausted -- however, Rage also dulls the mind, taking one from the realm of the intellect back into the animal sphere. Commonly one strong in Rage falls into berserk abandon in combat, losing practically all reason until their blood cools once more.

Gnosis is the domain of shamans, of mystics, of the learned, of poets. It is insight into the divine, knowledge of the self, and love of life, magnifying one's intellect and will even as one's intellect and will bring it into being. One with Gnosis is looked upon with favor by the world itself; the branch bends down before him and the way is opened. With Gnosis comes spiritual power; insight into the workings of the world shows the Gnostic how those workings might be changed. The might these abilities can bring is great; they are a boon to our efforts to preserve Aeda.

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You must be a garou or human or kitsune.

You must complete At'lordrith's Riddle, then make your way to 0, 18, 0, in Calais (Global:-81, 99) and say "I petition for initiation" in Ragarr in front of Karth.

Your alignment must be neutral in terms of good and evil, chaos/ordered doesn't matter as far as I know.

NOTE: Based on some minor experimentation, you can join with any ethics / alignment. However, both good / evil and chaos / ordered appear to matter in terms of your gnosis, virtu, and rage values. Mine appeared to be much lower than expected, and Aeda was not impressed with my balance based on the message when I examined myself.

You must have two willpower specialty points and one vitality specialty point to join. (1 piety, 1 metamorphosis, 1 regeneration)

If you are for some reason not an Argnash Garou, you will also need an int specialty point for the Ragarr language (and some training in it.)

Compatible Associations

Some of these associations conflict with each other. This is mostly for reference now that this is an association.

There is a guide available here, however it was intended for the Lupine guild and may be heavily outdated. Ghrollych's Lupine guide

Specialty Details

Karth the Elder offers training in many of these skills for any novice Lykouros.

 Antagonism +3
 Aquatic Fieldcraft +2
 Arctic Fieldcraft +1
 Centering +3
 Combat Reflexes +3
 Courage +3
 Desert Fieldcraft +1
 Equilibrium +3
 Find Weakness +3
 Forestry +3
 Hardiness +3
 Hills Fieldcraft +1
 Intimidation +3
 Jungle Fieldcraft +1
 Killer Instinct +3
 Lack of Weakness +3
 Massive Blow +3
 Metamorphosis +5
 Mountaineering +1
 Pain Tolerance +3
 Piety +5
 Plains Fieldcraft +1
 Ragarr +5
 Regeneration +5
 Resilience +3
 Shorelands Fieldcraft +1
 Spelunking +2
 Stamina +3
 Steadiness +3
 Swamp Fieldcraft +1
 Unarmed Combat +3
 Theology +3
 Tenacity +3


The gray-streaked brown male garou growls, 'The worship of Aeda does not allow the veneration of Sutekh, so you cannot 
join Synodia Lykouros.' to you in Ragarr.
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