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Due to a particular pact or agreement between the ancestral inhabitants of Avalon, a small number of individuals were granted the ability to take upon themselves a handful of powers of the fey to help them in protecting the realm. Lacking the immortality of some of the fey races, the mortal counterparts of this pact were granted the ability to pass these powers down through their bloodlines. Not every generation will have Fianna amongst them, and the abilities tend to skip several generations at a time. By some catalyst known only to the fey granting these powers, those gifted to become Fianna show up during times of change or oppression to help protect and guide their kinsmen.

Many generations of shorter lived races can pass in a single lifetime of most fey beings. The original pact between just a handful, when passed down through the generations, resulted in beings far and wide being able to call upon that ancestral tie. Though the original mortals of the pact were humans, the pact has been seen in garou, sleklith, and sekh. How this has come to be is unknown, but after centuries, only a handful of races did not display at least one individual capable of becoming a Fianna. Those few races that were excluded have some history with the fey races in the dawn of time. Demonic races, no matter how little demonic blood remains in their veins, are excluded entirely from the Fianna. So too are direct descendents of the original fey, since their ancestors were the part of the pact that was granting the powers used by the Fianna. Part of the calling of the Fianna is to uphold to oral traditions of the original fey, which is expressed in rhymes and tales older than written language. Where the uninitiated hear a simple folk tale, the Fianna hear the history of the worlds. With the advent of written language and the subsequent use of books to convey history, the oral tradition of the fey fell into disuse. These books became tools for those in power to manipulate history to their liking, changing facts and all but eradicating the original way of life of fey creatures. As such, the fey that empower the Fianna have a particular dislike for advocates of certain religions who actively sought to reduce the fey's influence upon the world by changing the names of holy days and places, and by subjugating the truth of the fey's existence into mere children's stories.

The retelling of the fey's true history is a sacred trust, and as such, poetry is a paramount skill for the Fianna. These warrior poets are also noted for their courage and imagination. It is their imagination which fuels the powers granted to them by their fey pact, and only through their imagination can they believe that the tales they heard as a bedtime story may have some truth to them.

The Fianna have a certain metaphysical rapport with one another which includes the ability to communicate regardless of distance and language via the 'fianna' communication channel. For further information, please refer to 'help fianna spells'.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Minimum skill reqs

Courage and History to 30? Some Imagination (More than 28, at least 30)

Known compatible races

Amberite Aviar Garou Kentaur Sekh Shoggoth Srazh Troll

  • Note: Vivisecting into a fae race after joining Fianna as a non-fae race is possible, but one loses access to the fianna spells by doing so. Unclear as to whether or not the ability to use the spells can be regained somehow.
  • Shoggothim must have a hurgkthorg flgath ng'flgath to join.

Known compatible guilds

Failure to join messages

Cailte asserts, _\\|The Fianna are known fer bein' warrior-poets. Take a wild guess at t' which part of that ye aren't.|//_ to you. (poetry skill requirement)

Cailte asserts, _\\|The fey whisper t' me and tell me tha' yer mind be too dull fer their liking. Larn t' loosen up a wee bit.|//_ to you. (apparently an imagination skill requirement)

Cailte asserts, _\\|I can tell just by lookin' at ye, and how ye cow yer head, that ye are far too much of a coward to be counted among our ranks.|//_ to you. (probably courage, or, maybe, tenacity)

Cailte asserts, _\\|If'n ye know nothing of history, then ye'll not know a thing about where our powers come from. Go learn a few things about y'er ancestry afore ye try to join us.|//_ to you. (history)

Cailte asserts, _\\|You cannot join the Fianna because you are a nihilist.|//_ to you.

Cailte asserts, _\\|You cannot join the Fianna because you are a racist.|//_ to you.


The tan male garou asserts, _\\|As a White Maiden of the Coven, you could not become a warrior by joining the Fianna.|//_

You'll be unable to advance as a Fianna if you worship Yehovah, join the Pantarchic Church, are berserk, have fey blood, or have demonic blood. You can still be in such associations, as there are several ways to work around the join process, but you just won't be able to advance to the next level afterward.

  • Note: Also strippable and rejoinable immediately.

Association leader

Cailte Harvestmoon

Specialty Details

Courage      1..+10
Enchantment  1..+10
Imagination  1..+10
Poetry       1..+10

1 each in int, wil, ego, and per

Acting                 +1
Awareness              +3
Axe                    +3
Balance                +1
Combat Reflexes        +3
Dodge                  +3
Enchantment            +1
Etiquette              +1
Find Weakness          +1
Hylophrasty            +5
Lack of Weakness       +1
Linguistics            +5
Legend Lore            +1
Memory                 +3
Mimicry                +1
Musical Composition    +5
Percussion Instruments +5
Pneumaturgy            +5
Precision Strike       +1
Prose                  +7
Quickness              +3
Running                +1
Swimming               +1
Shield                 +3
Singing                +5
Spear                  +3
Staff                  +3
Storytelling           +1
Streetwise             +1
Stringed Instruments   +5
Thaumaturgy            +5
Sword                  +3
Vocalization           +5
Wind Instruments       +5

Fianna Spells

*RIP* Fianna spells. This Associations now gives Fey Abilities

End of spoiler information.
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