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All individuals with fey blood have, by virtue of their birth, a certain innate magickal potential. Though this is only seen fully in those with true mage's training, there are some minor abilities which even the untutored among the fey can employ. These powers, each of which has its own help topic, are:

   create bond
   faerie fire
   astral perception

Fey races vary in the level of power innate in their blood; those with lesser native potency expend more energy in using these abilities and are more likely to fail at employing them. The most powerful in this regard are the tuatha, followed by the drow. Danaan and quessae form a general baseline, with phaethon and faeries being slightly more potent. Half-danaan, as might be anticipated, are the least powerful in these abilities.

In addition to the innate power associated with a given race, your level of capability with these powers depends on your skills and attributes, as detailed in the help for each power, and on how much practice you have with the particular ability. The command show fey abilities allows you to review your level of practice with these powers, and report fey abilities can be used to verbally report this information.

[OOC Marcosy] #define Fey_Races_Power_Level   ([\

[OOC Marcosy]     "atterkop"          : 0.80,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "cyflymyll"         : 1.80,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "drachannach"       : 2.30,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "drochnei"          : 0.40,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "drow"              : 2.00,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "dana"              : 1.00,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "dryad"             : 1.05,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "kielleth"          : 0.50,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "mazikah"           : 3.00,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "naiad"             : 1.30,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "phaethon"          : 1.20,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "pixie"             : 1.10,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "powrie"            : 1.40,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "puck"              : 1.60,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "sprite"            : 1.30,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "serentyll"         : 1.50,\

[OOC Marcosy]     "tuatha"            : 2.50,\

[OOC Marcosy] ])

Races added since Marcosy comments

 "Lunaeala"          : 2.0,
 "Kitsune"           : 3.0,
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Ability level starts at completely unpracticed; and advances through very little practice, little practice, some practice, reasonably experienced, competent, expert, and almost completely mastered; before becoming completely mastered.

End of spoiler information.


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