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Rarity: Exotic
Plural: Drochnei
Anatomy: Arachnokentauroid
Sexes: Male, Female


This is a male drochnei with black skin, black chitin, silver hair, and compound eyes. This creature has the upper body of a drow matched with the lower body and legs of a giant spider. The effect is that it appears to be some sort of spider-kentaur fashioned by a sick mind. He looks about twenty-four dimins tall, twelve dimins wide and eighteen dimins long.


Fey Abilities

Harm Skills

Insect Lore   28%
Anatomy       21%
Empathy       14%
Intimidation  14%
Legend Lore   14%
Torture        6%
Animal Lore    3%


  • Exsanguinating Bite
  • Webspin


Skill               Bon Min Max
Tissue hardening            +3
Climbing            +1      +3
Magick resistance       +1  +4
Entropy Affinity        +1  +4
Throwing            +1      +3


Algolagnia                     3
Algopoeia                      5
Diet                    Omnivore
Genetic Integrity             -8
Handedness         Ambidexterity
Light Sensitivity              6
Night Vision                   4
Respiration                 Lung
Sentience     Solitary Anthropic
Somatic Adaptability           1
Speech Pattern         Insectile

Becoming a Drochnei

Drochnei are a non-startable race but are race change options through Kurd or, being a Drow or Rachnei in the Erisian Liberation Front and offering a warpstone to Ygelleth

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