Ygelleth (ELF Invocation)

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"Revered Ygelleth, Demon Queen of Spiders, Great Mother of the Drow, this one pleads now for your intercession!"

 [ Type                   : ] kathexon
 [ Portfolio              : ] spiders, poisons
 [ Disposition            : ] snappish
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] insect remains or, in special circumstances, warpstone
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] fifty to one hundred
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Ygelleth; have at least 160 points among theology skill, elder lore skill, insect lore skill
   and poison lore skill; be a drow; or be a member of an arachnid race
 [ General Information    : ] Ygelleth grants many and varied favours, these often being related to poisons.  Properly supplicated
   with the offering of a warpstone, she has been known to transform a drow or rachnei invoker into a drochnei.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Leolla here =D

She gives drowish weapons, armour, yochlol, and uh...some increase. Poison bite or resistance or something that I can't really tell.

She can also give a pet war spider -- Guardas

  • In combat, Ygelleth can variably spray poison at your enemies, hit them with some funky damnation magic, or just encase them in spider webs. Nice things all around. -- Porphyria
End of spoiler information.
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