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Trait Category: Neurological
Trait Type: Definition
Overall Possible Natural Values: Ambidexterity, Upper, Lower, Left, Right, Mid, Fore, Hind
Handedness represents the dominance of one lateral side of your body for purposes of using manipulatory limbs.  For typical anthrope
races, 'manipulator limb' means hand and 'side' means left or right; this may vary for races with more complex anatomies.  One is at
full ability when using a manipulator on one's dominant side; when using other manipulators, one is less dextrous, taking a penalty
when attacking and being required to use a secondary (smaller) weapon, if any.  Individuals with no dominant side are ambidextrous,
and do not have these restrictions.
Development Information: The handedness trait was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Mon Jul 29 00:41:24 2013.
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