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Trait Category: Cognitive
Trait Type: Definition
One's class of sentience describes a very general category of mental functioning one operates within.  It determines whether one
is capable of speech and abstract reasoning, among other considerations.  One's intelligence attribute essentially determines where
one's mental functioning falls within the general bounds given by one's class of sentience.  Incarnoi will most often be of
anthropic sentience, which is to say, at the general level of functioning in which humans are found, capable of speech and abstract
reasoning.  Examples of other classes include animal and vegetable sentience, the total lack of sentience, and various classes of
cognition in which spiritual entities are found, from simple elemental sentience through roughly anthropic-class supernal sentience
on through divine sentience.  Note that the capacity for speech is not a reliable indicator of sentience level; some animals,
incapable of abstract thought, nonetheless have a faculty for mimicry making them able to produce speech, and some beings with
anthropic-grade cognition or beyond -- sometimes far beyond -- simply do not have a faculty for language.
Development Information: The sentience trait was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Thu Oct 17 17:23:10 2013.
See Also: intelligence, communication
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