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A Strange wasp-like race of unknown origin, they are perhaps the apex predator of insectoid life forms.

Suzumei are extreme isolationists, with individuals rarely seen outside of the hive, especially females. This mostly has to do with their peculiar extremist monotheistic religion surrounding the Eternal Divine Hive Queen Hymenoptera, who preaches that the Suzumei are divinely created in the image of the One True God Hymenoptera and that that the Hive is where she thrust her Divine Ovipositor into the ground to claim dominion over all the land and its creatures.

The Suzumei are eusocial in reproduction, with a ruling caste of elite females organizing the hunting and defense of the hive as well as enforcing the extreme orthodoxy of the Hive Mind. General gender distribution of the hive consists of the All-Mother Queen Hymenoptera, Elite female Praetorians, a hormonally neutered force of drones, and an extremely small number of fertile males. Fertilized eggs become female, while unfertilized eggs will become male. Suzumei usually complete their life cycle by parasitic implantation of the larvae into a host body of a rachnei, although recently the Suzumei have learned to expand their menu of host bodies to the general population of Almeria with a distinct preference for arthropoid creatures due to practical considerations.

The position of males is extremely precarious in Suzumei societies as religious orthodoxy teaches that they are only useful for procreation after which they are useless and should then be used to feed the legions of scraping and chirping young for the good of the hive. It is for this reason that intelligent males strive to learn some sort of useful trade, skill or function within the hive as a survival mechanism. This may also explain why the few suzumei seen living independently outside the hive tend to be males on the run from the hive's Oviquisitor death squads who hunt down heretics.

Suzumei are armed with axe-blade sized mandibles and a deadly stinger which they use to great effect.

Sample Statistic Range (obtained by warpstone)

Strength              86
Intelligence          90
Constitution          92
Dexterity             79
Willpower             68
Charisma              56
Perception            61


/-------- Traits of Eldritch --------\
| Trait                        Value |
| Assimilativity                  -7 |
| Diet                     Carnivore |
| Handedness           Ambidexterity |
| Limb Regenerativity              1 |
| Night Vision                     1 |
| Respiration               Spiracle |
| Sentience                Anthropic |
| Thanatogalvanism                10 |


Tissue hardening 1, maximum of 2

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