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The Vlekthid Race

   Rarity: Rare
   Plural: Vlekthid
   Anatomy: Four-Tentacled Anthropoid
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Elder Lore    51%
       Intimidation  26%
       Anatomy       13%
       Torture       10%

The vlekthid are a race of beings with tentacled, squid-like heads and bodies of a weird, rubbery flesh, known for their powers of the mind and their practices of enslaving those of other races and, perhaps most horrifically, feeding on their brains. Among some, these traits earn them the epithet "mind flayers". Their preferred environment is deep underground, where they build cities of strange and imposing architecture. From these, they conduct raids on other subterranean peoples and the surface, capturing slaves to use as labor and food.

Vlekthid appear to be related in some way to the gogtzul, and treat them with unrelenting hostility. Though the gogtzul are more physically powerful than the vlekthid, their psychic capabilities are generally less developed.

Though they speak among themselves only rarely, generally preferring mental communication, the vlekthid have a language, called Phglek, which their slaves are forced to learn for their masters' convenience.

Development Information: The vlekthid race (/def/race/v/vlekthid) was created by Nightmare and Chaos, who wish to credit Gary Gygax as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed May 12 10:37:32 2010.


This disquieting creature is of anthropoid outline, but having a squid-like head with a mass of tentacles reaching out from the face and a scaly and rubbery-looking body of a dead-looking gray color. It moves with a sinister smoothness, and its two blank gray eyes convey a sense of immense alienness. You recognize this as an vlekthid, one of a species best known for its habit of dining on the fresh brains of other sentient species and for its strange powers of the mind. It has a webwork of sparkling light within and around it. It looks about seventeen dimins tall, six and seven tenths dimins wide and one and thirteen twentieths dimins long. It is in good shape.
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