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Class: Language Skills
Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Procedural
Practitioner Term: Speaker of Phglek
Hidden Skill
Language Sound: Lugubrious
Language Difficulty: Hard
Language Speed: Slightly Slow
Language Overlaps:
  Ngaathgl: limited
  Dazask: minimal
The ability to speak and comprehend Phglek, the phlegmatic tongue spoken by the horrid
race called the vlekthid, known to some as mind flayers.  Its consonants are soft
and murmuring and its vowels low and liquid; the language is well-suited to the unique
semi-amphibian vlekthid vocal apparatus.  Through occasional, often-despised commerce,
some few elements of Phglek have entered the subterranean trade tongue of Dazask, though
its influence is far less than that of Zadjalin or Kathdax.



Ranthos: Bias
yathryn: Miss Chalosia
Crafty Linguists: Janid Suzak Wanders
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