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The Gogtzul Race

Rarity: Very Rare
Plural: Gogtzulu
Collective Term: an apocryphon of gogtzulu
Anatomy: Clawed Winged Four-Tentacled Anthropoid
Sexes: Neuter
Harm Skills:
    Elder Lore  80%
    Anatomy     20%

The gogtzulu are a race of beings alien to Aedaris and regarded as horrid monstrosities by most of those who dwell there. Vaguely anthropoid in shape, they have tentacled, squid-like heads, bodies of a weird flesh at once scaly and rubbery, large and dangerous claws, and somewhat bat-like wings. Besides being physically dangerous, they universally display esoteric mental powers, assaulting their victims' psyches as well as their bodies. They are ruled, as one, by the being called Great Cthulhu, apparently the most prodigious of the race, and said to be their high priest to the eldritch entities they worship.

Gogtzulu most usually treat other races as either beneath their notice or as free-range food-stocks; one of their more horrific habits is using their tentacles to consume the brains of sentient beings, though they seem to do this as an amusement more than out of any active hunger. An exception to this is their relationship with the vlekthid, who appear to be in some way related to the gogtzulu, and with whom they share a considerable enmity. Gogtzulu are more physically imposing than their perhaps-cousins, but vlekthid seem to display more powerful psychic abilities.

It is unusual to hear a gogtzul speak, as it seems most of their communicatory needs are addressed by their mind-powers, but when audible speech is called for, they use the elder tongue Ngaathgl.

Development Information: The gogtzul race (/def/race/g/gogtzul) was created by Chaos, who wishes to credit H.P. Lovecraft as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed May 12 10:15:51 2010.


This horrid creature is of vaguely anthropoid outline, but having a squid-like head with a mass of tentacles reaching out from the face, a scaly and rubbery-looking body of a dead-looking gray color, vaguely bat-like wings protruding from its back, and prodigious claws on its limbs. It has a vaguely bloated, corpulent look about it, and carries a lumbering lurch in all its motions. Its two blank gray eyes convey an alienness sickening in its immensity. You recognize this as a gogtzul, one of the species ruled by the being called Great Cthulhu.
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