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"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn!"

[ Cthulhu ]
[ Type  : ] demigod
[ Portfolio  : ] madness, nightmares, water
[ Disposition  : ] moderately hostile
[ Offerings Desired  : ] anything
[ Spirit Point Cost  : ] eighty to one hundred twenty
[ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Cthulhu, elder lore skill of 25 or higher or have been in the presence of Great Cthulhu
[ General Information  : ] Cthulhu is highly dangerous, but useful. Most demigod-class beings lack the capacity to respond to invocations and the power to do much about them, but Cthulhu is exceptional in that its status as a demigod is only one aspect of its power; long before it attained godhead, its monstrously powerful mind psychically dominated its entire species and unified them in a gestalt consciousness. Then, making contact with the lloigor, it took on the capacity of high priest, dealing with those beings on behalf of its species as it saw fit. These interactions led it to discover how to use its control of its species to elevate itself to the divine plane. So let it not be said that the being called Great Cthulhu is any ordinary demigod. It may be invoked in combat to deal psychic injury to foes, and out of combat to invite it to infuse one's mind with eldritch knowledge and power. It has sometimes been known to grant the service of a gogtzul to particularly talented invokers who call upon it near water.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Upon a mountainous, corpulent, vaguely anthropoid body rests a great squid-like head, the face of which consists of a mass of tentacles, with a pair of blank grey eyes staring forth from it. Upon the long arms and legs mounted on the dead-gray gelatinous mass of the body are tremendous claws, yellowed as with unknowable age. The thing moves with a stumbling, groping carelessness that bespeaks its power with every crashing impact of his clawed foot upon the ground, and terror hangs around it like a palpable, infectious aura grasping for the first hapless mind that falls into its demesne. You know this to be Great Cthulhu, devourer of dreams and subverter of souls, overlord of all the beings called gogtzul. It is permeated by a sparkling light. It has a tracery of prismatic radiance and a tracery of shimmering radiance within and around it. It looks about sixty-seven dimins tall, twenty-six dimins wide and six and eleven twentieths dimins long. It is in good shape.

You examine Great Cthulhu through your clear glass lens of analysis:
After a moment, the knowledge that Great Cthulhu is composed of sixty-five percent uthulgth, eighteen percent ichor, six percent cartilage, five 
percent nauthpolg, four percent brains, and one percent eye drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory. Nemesys 06:29, 18 September 2010 (EDT)

[OOC Chaos] "he has resistance to 12 meaningful types, and several of those are shit
no one cares about like disease, viral, poison and temporal" Megnmax 10:57, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

Leolla here!

This was changed. It used to do other stuffs!

Now it provides" some skill training with a tendency to cause mental disorders." if used out of combat--pretty much as advertised.

Gogtzul are almost "quote"ish. (Seekret Erisian for "overpowered!". Shhhh!)

Abuse one today! You've earned it, Mr/Mrs/Ms/HHM. Edge-of-Insanity!

  • Gogtzul speak Ngaathgl, so if you do, too, you can order them around. Otherwise, they just follow you and smash things that you do. -- Porphyria
  • If you can mindspeak, gogtzulu will understand this too. It can be a convenient replacement to having to know Ngaathgl.

NB: Invoking/sacrficing to Cthulhu will introduce the language skill Ngaathgl, and also grant permanent (very small) increases to that skill, as well as Elder Lore. There may be other skills handled the same way.

When invoked in combat, Cthulhu will send out a wave of extremely deadly psionic damage at most (or all) of the enemies you're fighting, but it will also harm/drain your chakra and likely stun you.

You lay Daemonicus Omega down before you.
You shrill, [- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn! -] in Ngaathgl.
Daemonicus Omega collapses into a lump of pale green gelatinous goo and disappears.
You feel the horrific psychic presence of Great Cthulhu reaching into your mind and painfully reshaping it to enhance your 
psychic abilities.
You are wracked by incredible agony.
You cannot continue meditating because you have been distracted by pain.
You stop meditating.
You have been stunned by the pain.
You again experience the dizzying sensation of a hidden floodgate opening somewhere within your mind; it seems that your 
psychic surgery has stimulated the development of another psychic wild talent.
You have been stunned.
You begin to feel a strange mental irritation.
You feel tired and sad, without the energy to be interested in anything.
You feel yourself become strangely tongue-tied.
You feel your volition and motivation seep away.
You cannot begin meditating because you are stunned.
You are no longer able to invoke the eidolon Hyperion and the god Apollo.

End of spoiler information.
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