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[ Command : ] quote
             quote via <command [in <language>]>
             quote auto <on | off | in <language>>
             quote count
             quote submit <suggestion>

Perhaps the most fearsome of the powers at your disposal fnord, Quote allows you to spew forth random bits of Eternal Wisdom at will! If no argument is sent, a quote will simply be selected at random. If you type 'quote via <command>', the quote will be sent to whatever command you specified (for example, a comm channel command). If you add "in <language>" to the end of such a command, you will attempt to say the quote in the specified tongue. Substituting 'random' for a language will select a language randomly from those you can speak (even if you barely speak them). 'quote auto <on|off>' will turn autoquoting on or off. If autoquoting is on, you will automatically spew forth a quote every minute or so. You can also suggest a quote for the file by typing 'quote submit <suggestion>'. 'count' tells you how many are at your disposal.

Those sufficiently skilled in the arts of poetry can also engage a truly awe-inspiring ability: quote-based rhyming. If your skills are sufficient, 'help set rhyming' will become available, detailing this capability. If you happen to be a member of the Brute Squad, Fezzik's tutelage in this ability removes the need for more general skill in poetry.

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