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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Use of Fey Abilities

For races that have the Fey Abilities faculty, there is a chance that the character can develop the capacity for forming a form of empathic bond, one that is more limited than that given to guilds centered around empathic bonds. This appears to be random, similar to how wild talents can be obtained.

Note: It appears that fey bond chances got a massive nerfing sometime post 2012-2013 time-frame, for all intents and purposes being all but impossible now.
Whether the chance was lowered dramatically or there are invisible requirements that no one is aware of is unknown.  Sadly this makes change 6150 pretty meaningless.

An example of a fey bond popping follows:

   You stare intently at the brown male sparrow, guiding your mind into the special 
state necessary to forging a magickal bond, and feel the magickal resonance fall 
into place, linking you.

   As you complete your bond with the brown male sparrow, you feel your psyche reel,
as though it has hit its target so squarely that it has gone *through* it, and 
now sees and desires something deeper.

   You sense a new emotional need opening up within you -- an incompleteness you 
never fully grasped, the need for a true soulmate of some kind -- along with the
desire and ability to fulfill that need and to complete yourself.

Fey Bonds are limited to 20% of the strength of a full bond type. Any boons granted past the 20% strength will be unattainable. Usually this includes limb acquisition and most traits. Change 4842 describes this in detail, as provided below:

/------------------------------------------- System Change 4842 -------------------------------------------\
|     Summary  empathic bonds charm rating revisions                                                       |
|      Number  4842                                                                                        |
|        Type  content revision                                                                            |
|          By  Twilight                                                                                    |
|        When  Nov 18 2010 10:47 AM                                                                        |
| Description  1) the effective strength of your bond now matter for your ability to use the charms        |
|              granted by the bond.  the effective strength is the strength multiplied by the charm        |
|              factor of the bond type (i.e. 1.0 for vv/zet/etc., 0.2 for fey bonds).  the effective bond  |
|              strength puts a drag on the rating, making it harder t(but not impossible) to get high      |
|              ratings.  for example at 20% effective bond strength, a certain amount of your rating       |
|              w(depending on the minimum rating threshold) will be multiplied by 0.44.  2) the eye glow   |
|              that happens when you use a charm is now more intense the higher your rating is relative    |
|              to the max rating, so there is a mechanism that lets you know how good approximately how    |
|              good you are.                                                                               |
|      Reason  necessary for balance, and also makes sense.  and also wanted a feedback mechanism for      |
|              players to see how good they were at charms, given that there are no help files.            |
|      Result  lets me do a number of things, like shift some charms to be earlier for some bonds now      |
|              that i don't have to worry about fey bonds getting as crazy.  also, i expect that a lot of  |
|              the math in particular charms will ahve to be refigured because of this                     |
|    Projects  Empathic Bonds                                                                              |
|  Importance  Rated 2.3, closer to limited than moderate, by three raters, spread 2-3                     |
|       Value  Rated 4.3, closer to good than great, by three raters, spread 4-5                           |
|     Version  not updated                                                                                 |

Player Notes

I know very little about how to activate this capacity. aside from the fact that it is very rare and difficult.

  • Using the Create Bond ability is central to it. Mastering this ability is obviously key, though actual mastery is not necessary -- a fey bond was successfully popped at expert.
  • Having beings bonded in this way die negatively impacts your odds of unlocking the faculty.
  • The beings bondable in this way are basically the ones in the Verynvelyrae bond list, and the activation of this bond (in the few cases available) seems to happen when using Create Bond on a creature from this list.
  • something something, get researching?
  • If you have had a bond before, it may be impossible (or at least, far less likely) to unlock.
  • Modified stats/skills help for unlocking - one that is extremely helpful is The Protector of the Three office, with the mental boost activated.

Stuff that Sucks about Fey Bonds

  • As noted above you only get 20% of almost everything, Trait, Charm, Maneuver, Special Attack, etc.
    • 10% of Attribute (Bleh)
    • 60% of Aura, this may make a combat focused bond more viable (thanks Twi)
  • Possibly the worst is if you DO pop a Fey and have another Bond, the Fey will progress slower AND MORE IMPORTANTLY slow down your other (probably Full) bond significantly
    • Note this REALLY sucks since progressing a Fey above 100% is meaningless, you could have a Fey with 500% over and it'll provide almost no benefit, so you're essentially slowing down your good bond for the crap bond
  • Fey progression is very font-loaded, i.e. you'll get all the charms you going to get pretty early and then there's minimal gain later in the bond
    • There's a really really small chance that at complete some of the charms you do get that are based on bond strength will improve, but that chance is extremely small and you can get all the way to Complete and nothing changes
  • No Fey Bond ever gets Conjoin
  • Specialty Access from a Fey Bond is EXTREMELY low, expect to never get the 16+ % bonuses that you would from a normal bond. As an example a Rank 16 Skill @ 77% (over complete) gives just 7 Access via a Fey Bond, whereas a Full Bond would be giving about 28 Access and all skill bonuses that go along with it
  • Most if not all bonds abilities scale with Bond Strength, so never expect to get even close to what a Full Bond will give. i.e. if a Full Bond gives 100 to skills via petting, expect maybe 20 (or lower) from a Fey

Fey Bonds (Completed)


 Grow 2 Tentacles - Appears to have lost the ability to wield weapons or wear rings, so probably useless now.


 Recall Conjured Followers
 Summon Loamflage
 Conjure Corithil
 Convert Energy
 Summon Minor Earth Elemental
 Summon Minor Water Elemental
 Corithil Skill Bonus are VERY low (20ish), based entirely on Bond Strength
 Corithil does not appear to give Traits
 Corithil is capped at moderate channel
End of spoiler information.
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