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Rarity: Unusual
Plural: Sekh
Collective Term: a subtlety of sekh
Anatomy: Clawed Tailed Anthropoid
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy       32%
    Intimidation  21%
    Politics      13%
    Animal Lore    9%
    Empathy        9%
    Law            9%
    Torture        9%

These are a people with a proud yet tragic history. They consider themselves the children of the goddess Sekhmet, hence their name. No one contests this suggestion to a sekh's face; for the first matter, their physical form supports it, as they resemble humanoid cats, and for the second, the sekh are a fierce people with astounding agility and deadly clawed hands. They make potent magicians as well, having strong wills and a moderate dash of raw magickal talent.

A sekh lives somewhat longer than a human, usually on the order of 100 years, and possesses cat-like night vision. Notably, their famed agility extends to the talent of ambidexterity. They rely on their quickness greatly, though, as they are not as robust in strength and endurance as many other races. Their tongue is called Ikatari. Most sekh are jungle dwellers and have either a leopard-like coloration or, less commonly, a fine black coat, though a notable subspecies roam the plains and are almost entirely of the leopard-spotted variety. There are occasional rumors of lesser-known types making their homes in more unusual locales.

Strangely, unlike other large cats, the Sekhmeti have a notable aversion to water, and function much less effectively in it. Their legends hold that this is related to some sort of divine interference in their creation.

Less obscure is the sekh enmity for the garou, sleklith, srazhar, and zuthar. In ancient days, the normally individualistic Sekhmeti were united by a great hero into the kingdom of Bubasti. To the misfortune of all, this kingdom coexisted with the powerful Istax Empire, which warred with it from time to time, in later days using subjugated garou against the sekh. One of these conflicts resulted in the death of the great hero and the subsequent fall of Bubasti, which could not hold together the fractious sekh without his leadership. The long years of war left the sekh with a hatred for the races responsible which, while it may have faded slightly with time, has never abated entirely.

 /------------------------------ The Sekh Race -------------------Start-------\
 | Attributes                Strength                 30 to  80     46        |
 |                           Intellect                30 to  90     50        |
 |                           Vitality                 25 to  75     41        |
 |                           Agility                  90 to 120    100        |
 |                           Willpower                40 to 100     60        |
 |                           Ego                      10 to 100     39        |
 |                           Perception               60 to 115     76        |
 |                           Size                     50 to  70     57        |
 | Points                                                          133        |
 | Typical Sexes                                      Male                    |
 |                                                    Female                  |
 | Languages                 Native                   Anglic                  |
 | Innate Skills             Break Fall               10                      |
 |                           Killer Instinct          25                      |
 | Specialty Access          Break fall,              available: degree II,   |
 |                           Combat Reflexes,         bonus: degree I         |
 |                           Killer Instinct and                              |
 |                           Tumbling                                         |
 | Resistances               Temporal                 slight resistance       |
 | Traits                    Ambidexterity            Yes                     |
 |                           Abstraction              Yes                     |
 |                           Dreaming                 Yes                     |
 |                           Euphasia                 Yes                     |
 |                           Sentience                Anthropic               |
 |                           Diet                     Carnivore               |
 |                           Luck                     2                       |
 |                           Night Vision             1                       |
 |                           Algopoeia                2                       |
 |                           Speech Pattern           Feline                  |
 | Cultures and Homelands    Almerian Wildling        Almeria                 |
 |                           Bubastian                Bubasti                 |
 |                           Freeholder               Freehold                |
 |                           Losthavener              Losthaven               |
 |                           Lowlander                Halfmoon Bay            |
 |                                                    Sanctuary               |
 |                           Talantonite              the Shadow Tower        |
 |                           Tenochlani Wildling      Tenochlan               |
 | Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                  Clawed Tailed           |
 |                                                    Anthropoid              |
 |                           Natural Weaponry         Excellent               |
 |                           Other                    Bestial                 |

OOC Information

  • The original name for this race was 'Nekojin'. It was changed at some point in the distant past. The current name appears taken from the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, after ideas concerning basing the name off the Egyptian goddess Bast apparently fell flat.
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