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Class: Movement Skills
Attribute: Agility
Pedagogy: Physical Training
Practitioner Term: Practitioner of Quickness
This skill represents the conditioning of one's mind and body to act and react at a faster overall speed.  Bringing this skill to
high levels generally requires training in esoteric disciplines that bring subtle influences to bear on the workings of one's
nerves and muscles.
Development Information: The quickness skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Thu Mar 03 13:09:26 2016.



Wanders: Wikspisk
Gurbodax: Arjay Deo
Losthaven: Raelan Jax
Tenereth's Rest: Zid
Association required:
Wandslingers: Clyde
Sodality of the Nine-Spoked Wheel: Grendal
Guild required:
Aisenshi: Musashi
Aliavelyr: Celeborn
Coven: Halea
Coven: Lynda Xenetha
Nizari: Hasan wanders
Reapers: Holton Jax
Shapeshifters Maramar
Verynvelyrae: Sirinil
Quest required
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