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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



Need 70+ Agility, Vitality, and Perception, and must be Evil.

Spec requirements are 8 AGI, 8 PER, 5 INT, 1 STR

Spec Breakdown: 8 AGI (2 sword, 2 dagger, 2 dodge, 1 combat reflexes, 1 throwing), 8 PER (2 find weakness, 2 killer instinct, 2 precision strike, 1 awareness, 1 dirty fighting), 5 INT (2 poison lore, 1 anatomy, 1 streetwise, 1 tactics), 1 STR (1 massive blow)

Hasan studies you intently as if weighing and measuring your worth.
Hasan hands you a vial of thin liquid.
Hasan says, // You desire a glorious death?  We shall see how Kali judges you, dracon.  Drink the vial and experience
first-hand the splendor that waits for you in her embrace.  If She deems you worthy, simply tell me what you desire 
once again. // to you in Anglic.
You drink your vial of thin liquid.
The vial of thin liquid burns wildly as you swallow the contents in a single swift motion.
You reel, confused and dazed as the slick black liquid makes its way through your body sending waves of painful spasms 
up and down your length.  You feel as though your mind is being seperated from your body as your vision darkens and 
eventually blackens completely.  An overwhelming sensation of movement replaces the pain that was wracking your form, 
and even blind your field of vision is filled with an unending array of stars.  Eventually you feel yourself slow and 
stop as your vision once again returns.
As your eyes open you find yourself in the middle of a vast, lush garden.  Males and females of various races, some   
that you readily recognize and others that are terribly alien, lounge among the colorful flowers and luxuries here.  
They ignore you completely as you wander the garden, either too caught up in their personal hedonistic pursuits or 
completely oblivious to your existence.  As you approach the center area, a black-skinned woman catches your gaze, and 
slowly approaches.
The woman slides her robe to the floor as she reaches you, the taut muscles of a warrior barely restrained beneath her
glistening black skin.  She stretches opulently revealing four slender arms which move to caress your body as she gazes
intently into your eyes for just a moment; a moment that feels like eternity.  You tremble violently in her arms, a
primal sensation of fear and loathing bubbling up to the surface of your soul.  At the moment when you can bear no more
she releases you, save your left claw, which she kisses gently, sending shivers of unchecked lust through your being. 
You black out once again and find that you are exactly where you were as if nothing at all had happened.
You are now a first-degree specialist in anatomy, awareness, combat reflexes, dirty fighting, massive blow, streetwise,
tactics and throwing.
You are now a second-degree specialist in dagger, dodge, find weakness, killer instinct, poison lore, precision strike
and sword.


// the Hantaka //
   The Hantaka are a secretive cult of ruthless assassins, known amongst
themselves as the Fold.  As a Hantaka you worship and revere the Dark Mother
Kali as she watches over and guides your actions.  Your leader and trainer, 
Hasan, wanders the world always keeping his eyes and ears open for leads on 
promising clients to supply his brothers with work.
   apply      condense        dispatch        feint (unlisted)
   marks      poisons         hunted          favour
   The guild communication channel is accessed via 'hantaka' or 'guild'.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


In addition to the information provided in help poisons, a Hantaka may find it helpful to know the following:

  • The odds of poison being applied on each strike is improved by dealing higher damage, with a further bonus for ranged attacks.
  • The strength of a Hantaka's poisons is improved by hir skill in poison lore.
  • The duration of a Hantaka's poisons is improved by hir favour in the eyes of Kali, which will continue to increase indefinitely so long as further contracts are fulfilled.

In addition to the supplies described in help hasan, suitable herbs may be found by foraging, or by purchase from suitable shops such as can be found in Liathyr and Sinbyen.


Praying to Kali at her altar below Jhan (syntax 'pray to kali' case sensitive, presumed a bug that you cannot 'pray to Kali') at various levels of favour will grant you various boons.

Favor is based off a point system, so you can have the required favour message for a boon, and not receive it.

EX - Feeble is 0-50, and you get the boon 'pray to kali to find hasan' at 40.

These boons include:

  • feeble: 'pray to kali to find hasan' at the altar of Kali to teleport to Hasan.
  • fair+: Access to the focused combat mode (3 spec access to the Combat Focus skill).
  • fair+: Muladhara chakra. From now on, whenever you pray to Kali, she will charge this chakra. The amount she will charge it to will increase as your favor increases.
   A woman's melodic voice echoes in your mind, >My child, for your faithful diligence I grant to you
       the ability to resist and draw power from the touch of evil and the rudimentary ability to focus
       one's mind and meditate.<.
   The shimmering-violet-skinned female human avatar of Kali purrs, >My child, for your faithful 
       diligence I grant to you the knowledge of my sacred form.< in Archaen.
   The shimmering-violet-skinned female human avatar of Kali beckons you to her and reclines with 
       you upon the altar, exchanging intimate caresses and whispering to you of secret techniques
       of pleasure with which to serve her.
   The shimmering-violet-skinned female human avatar of Kali murmurs with satiated pleasure.
   The shimmering-violet-skinned female human avatar of Kali purrs, >Exquisitely done, my dear child.  
       I am well pleased with you.< in Archaen.
  • amazing: Nightbringer access (simply pray to kali for nightbringer at her altar).

Note that whenever you get a bonus spec in a skill, your access in that skill is going up by 5 as well.

Hantaka Status Bar

{{rainbow}//}{{black}Spirit}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%sp}:{{black}%msp}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//} {{black}Speed}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%speed}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}Head}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%head}:{{black}%mhead}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}Chest}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%chest}:{{black}%mchest}{{rainbow}//},{{rainbow}//}{{black}XP}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%rxp}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}Endurance}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%end}:{{black}%mend}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}Wealth}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%wealth}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}Time}{{rainbow}//} {{rainbow}//}{{black}%timeofday}{{rainbow}//}

remember to change your alerts to black as well.

--Wesnile 21:07, 2 September 2010 (EDT)

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