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 [11:00] [OOC Chaos hugs Vetallas]
 [13:24] [OOC Chaos hugs Laithde]
 [20:40] [OOC Chaos hugs Laithde]
 "Screen Message from Chaos-" CHAOS HUGS LAITHDE!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!one!!!

 Elronuan's black plastic nerf gun sends a violet plastic arrow sailing into your head. Bullseye!

[OOC Vetallas] hows it feel knowing i have Phase Dyne!?
[OOC Vetallas] and i got all on my own
[OOC Vetallas] by accident
[OOC Dyne] Accomplished. :)

 Trip, a gray female dog, Robert, and Verindan the town cryer are here.
 You see an oaken quarterstaff, a juniper puzzle, a set of red, yellow, blue, green, and orange linen rags, a burst of   
 fireknives, a bolt of force, a shockwave of annihilation, a gout of hellfire, a wave of discord, several bolts of 
 lightning, a few gouts of fire, a marble statue of Puff, and tower1.
 #Neophyte Robert# the town square is terrifying

 Sir Fasius rumbles, 'I'm old enough to be your dad, nice'

 [21:01] [Tenjin] i think you only want to play stuff that can kill gods

 Xekrin appears before you holding a massive big-ass Trout.
 Xekrin rears back, and with a mighty blow, slaps you across your face with her massive big-ass Trout, knocking you senseless.
 Your senses have been knocked out of you! (Your attributes are gone buddy, take a break).
 Reason: No!

 [18:54] [Marcosy] wait, so you exploited this for four million experience, THEN told me?

 [2015 Oct 20 15:05] Marcosy: i vote for starhound's suggestion actually

 [2015 Sep 27 17:09] [OOC Golden] I <3 Starhound

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