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Mark System

As Kali's enforcers upon the Prime, the Hantaka are charged with her malicious duty - to eliminate those who cross her. These orders, or 'marks', as they are further called, are those who have wronged the Mistress at one point or another. Failing that, those with broad pockets have generously requested our services. Either way, an order from Hasan is an order from Kali.

To find out what marks are available, seek out Hasan. Ask him about 'marks'. He'll let you know who has been scheduled for a shove off the mortal coil.

The reward for completing these little missions are two fold: One, Hasan will give you gold for the ones you've completed. Simply say 'I've solved your problems' in his presence. The second is much more potent. As you destroy marks, you will earn favour with Kali. This favour can be translated into boons.

'show kali favour' is the command to check your favour. When you notice it has changed, head down to her altar in Jhan. 'Pray'ing to Kali will bestow her boon upon you.

Kali bestows several boons upon her followers, including: A Muladhara chakra, bonus combat specialties, bonus 'rogue' specialties, poison affinity, quickness, and combat meditation.

Known Marks

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Hasan will gladly let you know the names and a little information about the sworn enemies of Kali. Some marks require possessions to be return, some simply require the demise of those in question. This list is not yet completed.

Some tips:

  • Gems of entrapment can be extremely useful. Use them to entrap monsters that may call friends to their aid. However, this pits you against your mark until someone dies or the sphere collapses on its own.
  • Be prepared. Purchase protection scrolls, gems, and what-have-you. Utilize your abilities to pick locks and lock doors behind you if possible, ensuring you are alone with your victim.
  • When grouping with another Hantaka, you both must do a percentage of the damage in order to get the credit for the mark. In other words, one person doing all the work isn't going to cut it in the eyes of Kali.
  • Marks aren't always available. Capitalize on those that are.
  • Hantaka poisons are more powerful than they appear, especially if you have a high poison lore skill. Poisoning your weapons before attacking a mark could very well tip the scales in your favour.
  • Help your brothers and sisters. Grouped Hantaka obtain the same favour as if they did it alone. It never hurts to have backup against more difficult marks.
   // Kulien and Vetalmino have put the mark Kraenic to death. //
   Kraenic the trader dies.

Group up when you can to take out marks, especially on harder marks, this way everyone can get credit. This is nice because well you both get the reward and favor. So there is no point in not doing this.

Lower Level Marks

  • Leekofos - Runs a bar in Syllyac. Watch out for vlekthids that will assist him.
  • Achmed the Trader - Inhabits a shop in western Camille. No real threat.
  • the Mayor of Stillwater - Self-explainitory. The militia will assist him, but even they aren't that difficult.
  • Iznyth - Unscryable Ringwielder, good luck finding him. Tip: Have a ringwielder with tzakhos teleport to him and give you his location
  • Milo - Milo is one of the more difficult of the lower level marks. You have to contest with the rest of Mycenae at the same time, which could be a difficult feat. However, Milo's death is all Kali desires... Wear some armour, and consider using a shield if you're a larger race.
  • Kraenic - Peddles his worthless junk in Banir Lok. He's a skaven next to a liqueur cabinet.
  • the Interrogator - Resides in Syllyac. Not too difficult, but can potentially do some serious psychic damage. Use foxglove poisons to bring down his psionic ability.
  • Friar Johann - Imprisoned within the fourth floor of the Shadow Tower. Does deal some minor holy damage.
  • Bill the Town Fool - Kill Bill! Please! For the sake of, well, EVERYONE. Found in Losthaven Square.
  • Eaerandyl - He's the headmaster for the Elven Guard training facility in Valathyr. If you are an elven race, this can be no sweat at all. If you're not, getting into the training facility could prove to be difficult. If you do decide the more spartan approach, be aware of Finwe (the tuatha). To most Hantaka, Finwe is nigh-impossible to kill. Eaerandyl himself has a fairly high dodge rating, but thats about it.

Moderate Level Marks

  • Grog Grurk - Og's Chieftain. hurts if he hits you, and has enough health to be troublesome when just starting out.
  • Ripheus - Othrys' captain of the guard. Wielding a powerful staff, Ripheus stuns fairly often. Othrys also hosts a band of archers and fairly proficent warriors. Be sure that you have an escape route.
  • Golbanoth - A resident of Kalyxes's Shadow Tower, Golbanoth is a fledgling, yet surprisingly irate, dragon. He's staggered by frost, and resists some forms of damage. Deals some intense full body fire damage, as well as the gamut of dragon stuff.
  • Vashon Slleps - Diplomats... bah, who needs 'em! Vashon Slleps occupies one of the dignitary's bedrooms within Jhan. He deals mediocre sonic damage, and dodges fairly well. A gem of entrapment is definately recommended.
  • Ven Gal Lyrl - Another Ringwielder. This one has some of the more powerful abilities of a Ringwielder. Expect some cold and fire damage. Staggered by light and holy. He wanders the world aimlessly. Note: Player Ringwielders may get a little testy if they're training and you ice their teacher...
  • Fulmaris - Yet another Ringwielder. Ahrikol must have played Kali at some point or another. He roams the world aimlessly, much like his friends.
  • Ghaelion - One of the easier high end marks, Ghaelion is a cleric with an fair arsenal of spells. He can heal himself, as well as dish out some heavy damage. Invest in some holiness, unholiness, and fire protection. He is found in Thistlewood, wandering. You must bring back Snapdragon, his hoopak, to get gold credit. Also, if he actually -has- snapdragon, he will be much more of an unruly customer. If you are a goblinoid race, good luck.
  • Watyrus the Guardian - Another denizen of Shadow Tower. Fairly easy, but does have a nasty mace.
  • Synlius Ta'athor - A tan-skinned male human who resides in Fort Shantaari

High Level Marks

Note: These marks are hard compared to previous marks. Some are harder than others. It is not recommended to attempt to assassinate some of these marks without extensive planning.

  • Tempus - Captain of the guard in Sanctuary. Does wield some angry artifact weapons. Sanctuary also does have a system of highly trained guards. He himself is staggered by poison, resistant to fire and heat.
  • Amlithor Harlguss - The leader of Fort Shantaari. Has Aldatar which must be turned in for the gold reward. Not an easy mark by any means.
  • Jardak Lierhand - A diplomat in Jhan. Sounds fairly simple? He's also a dragon. Not so simple anymore. He deals a plethora of damage types, including order and electrical. He cannot be trapped with a gem of entrapment.
  • Lord Caimen Bitael - Captain of the Guard in Jhan. He does occasionally wield an artifact scimitar that can pump out some fire damage. Order protection is a must, as him and his friends can use Justicar tricks such as deliver judgement. He cannot be trapped with a gem of entrapment.
  • Lady Phalyre - Found in Et'Zlaerhi. She has a lot of guards leading to her and at her. She, herself, isn't too bad. The guards stun and use water-type damage. In order to get the gold from the mark, you have to bring Zrael to Hasan. Note: Don't try to buy Zrael and turn it into Hasan without killing Phalyre. He'll just pocket it and laugh at you.
  • Mettik - Now, here is a mark worth his weight in gold. Jhan's resident magician, Mettik hosts a variety of abilities, all of which revolve around sucking your soul out from your backside. Protection from vacuums and magick are beneficial, but are relatively rare. If you can keep him stunned somehow, he doesn't have a terrible amount of hitpoints. If he is accompanied by Lord Nareth, you may want to forgo the operation all together. A couple of combat rounds with Mettik could become very lethal, very quickly. Kali requires you to retrieve his staff, Alahamorithil, and give it to Hasan. Note: Do not attempt to turn in Alahamorithil without killing Mettik. Hasan will point and laugh at you.
  • Ei the Black Lotus - You don't get a nickname like "the Black Lotus" by, say, basketweaving or participating in poetry slams. Ei is a powerful warrior protecting Hanoma. Hanoma itself is home to throngs of citizens and a handful of elite protectors. Not only is Ei one of the more deadly of the bunch, but the swarm of attackers that follow can be immense. Exercise extreme caution. She cannot be trapped with a gem of entrapment.
  • Galadriel - Possessor of Nenya, one of the rings of power. Galadriel is a revered woman in Valathyr. She can dish out some heavy magick damage, and has a long period stun effect. Also, the guards in Valathyr are, as mentioned, very brutal. Once again, exercise extreme caution. She cannot be trapped with a gem of entrapment.
  • Celebrimbor - The master smith of Valathyr. Celebrimbor hits like a train and is as tough as one. If you're crazy enough to try it, get yourself every protection in the book, as his damage type changes. He cannot be trapped with a gem of entrapment.
  • Kalyxes - Leader of the Shadow Tower - prepare for a lot of shadow damage, and be aware that his personal assassin Nikita will come after you, and a lot stronger than when you see her trying to defend Kalyxes.
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