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Banir Lok is a Thondak mining community carved out of the stone of a mountain by master artisans. The Thondur mine mostly gold and silver from the deposits in the mountain, but also mine the gems that are found alongside them. All of this work is under the direction of Kraenic.

The community hosts traders from almost every other race, who come to trade for the precious metals. They can be found in a repurposed mining tunnel well inside the settlement. As a mining settlement, it also collects prostitutes from many races. Some of these are collected deliberately by Kraenic.




Banir Lok is located at (20, 25, 1) in Tetlacana (Global: (263, -218, 1)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Kraenic the trader, who manages the mine
  • Braena the therapist, who controls the hot springs that are the main form of relaxation
  • Fraeda, who manages the local shop
  • Strenka, waitress at the local "Grinning Cat"
  • Owein, Owner and bouncer of the tavern

Notable Attractions

  • Grinning Cat Eatery
  • the Black Mountain Tavern


  • City alignment: Order/Good (Main areas); Order/Evil (Rebels)
  • Guards assist: No
  • To find the rebel encampment to reach 100% exp, you have to "dig rubble" in the room with the exit to the miner's home. [n,s,e]
  • In the rebel encampment is a forge past a guardian: The forge requires a randomly selected type of metal, the color of which matches the crystal's color, for instance adamantite requirement would be a dark blue gem, iron is dark grey, steel dark gray. You load that into the furnace, and use a smithing hammer (conveniently provided by the guardian) on a weapon that's principally made of metal, that'll raise the quality of the weapon, and add dweomer to it. Warning that you do have to be big enough to actually hold the smithing hammer. This may or may not be slightly incorrect, but this is the gist.
End of spoiler information.


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