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Hanoma is a small island found just a stone's throw west of the massive continent that is Almeria. Hanoma may be small, but this island offers a lot more than you might think; you could very well find yourself leaving Hanoma with a new outlook on life.


  • an Adventurer's Guild in the fishing village (2,-4,0) IN
  • a guard post in the fishing village (0,-4,0) IN
  • a smithy (2,-3,0) IN
  • a healer's hut in the fishing village (3,-3,0) IN
  • a live-in laboratory in the fishing village (3,-2,) IN
  • a pavilion market in the fishing village (2,-1,0) IN
  • the Pelican Restaurant in the fishing village (3,-1,0) WI
  • the White Lotus Tavern (1,0,0) NI
  • a small temple in the fishing village (-1,0,0) NI
  • the Aisenshi Dojo (-4,4,1) IN



Hanoma is located just west of Ebiria, and can be reached by going to (-40, 40, 0) in Ebiria (Global: (-121, -41, 0)), and then going west.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

  • Mikuru, head of adventurer's guild (-2, -4, 0)

Notable Attractions

  • Adventurer's Guild


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist: Entire zone will be aggressive if you attack any of the Hanoman people. That includes Musashi and others. - While this is true, killing Musashi, as long as there are no Hanomans in the room, will NOT make Hanoma aggro you on site.
  • Entering from Ebiria leaves the player at (5, -5, 0) (southeast corner).
  • Moving "out" of Hanoma to any direction moves the player back to Ebiria (-40, 40, 0) only the altitude may differ.
  • Hanoma "airspace" is not as high as the main maps and, if one moves too high, they are pushed back to Ebiria.
  • Note that Hanoma is not similar grid-map like main maps; e.g. diagonal directions do not work (unless especially added, e.g. to enter some huts). However, coordinates still work.
  • So I tried (stupidly) to bond with a Hanoman child via spiritual germination. Turns out, the response wasn't like with other non-bondable creatures, which usually had "no emotional resonance"; instead, it told me that our 'needs were mismatched' and we couldn't bond with 'this method of bonding'. So now I'm wondering - what kind of bond is required? Fey doesn't count - you can fey pretty much anything. -Tarikun 01:28, 29 June 2013 (EDT)
End of spoiler information.


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