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Npc resizing has limits based on the original size and the npc skill and something to do with material ratios and what the npc considers themselves a smith of.

Temple of Discordia

Quezip can resize chaos infused items. This includes chaos amulets and manifold stones.


Jan Li could resize Qith's titanium and glass helm, and seems able to resize a good degree. He was also able to resize my strata gauntlet and my mithril armour. Jan Li can also resize lexoth infused items.


Joreth the armoursmith can resize armours made of Erivelin.

Marte the armoursmith can resize armours made of Steel.


Mallek the armoursmith can resize armours made of Iron.

Anakasha in the fashion shop resizes silk.

Kiersha in Kiersha's Exotic Costumes Room resized a cloak of holding.

Omar Loomis the tanner can resize armours made of Leather. He was able to resize my phylactery of the stars, but just a small degree.

Veruca in the fashion shop. She can resize anklets, amulets, and rings as well.

  • Veruca does not handle any magical items.
  • Veruca cannot resize organic materials.
  • Veruca did resize a copper chaos amulet that Quezip refused to touch. ...?

Note** The fashion shop seems to have quite a few different people who can resize many different clothes and etc. kinda stuff.

Fort Shantaari

Stee Jans the armourer can resize steel, including magic items that can't be resized most elsewhere.


Celebrimbor can resize rings of any material, and seems able to resize a high degree.


Faber may be able to resize silver.

Here is what he responded to a try to resize an AOLP (note that others just say they don't handle things like that, and the inability to resize might be due to the item and my size (tiniest faerie there can be):

Faber examines your silver amulet of life protection carefully.
Faber says, "Your silver amulet of life protection is worth two thousand nine hundred fifty-three gold, Liliet. However, I could not afford to pay you much more than two thousand for it. To have it repaired would cost two hundred gold. I would not be able to resize it to fit you any more closely than it does. To have it evaluated against another item would cost eleven thousand two hundred twenty-three gold, in addition to the cost to evaluate the other item."


Aety the horticouturist can resize anything made out of plant matter, including wood, even if it's still living.


Dubro can resize steel to a minor degree.


Primbal can resize adamantium, probably other stuff as well. This includes cotton.

  • Dibella
  • Dataro

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