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Standing here is the great Temple of Discordia. The massive structure's obsidian spires and amethyst buttresses rise toward the sky like a challenge to any god who might spy them. Above the bright orichalcum doors hangs the Sign of Chaos, eight arrows radiating from a central point. The symbol glows with all the colors of the spectrum, shifting continuously. A road leads south from the base of the wooded hill on which the Temple stands.

Home to Eris's faithful, and a bunch of other random weirdos. This temple found in the center of Freehold (not pictured), is probably the second most popular location in Cimbra (not including the slaughter-friendly locations of Fort Shantaari or Shatterspire). The home of the POEE and LDD, and where the Hand of Eris gets chosen, and also the home of the ELF. Known as "Disco" to those who spend a lot of time around it, it provides such service as a resizer for chaotic armor, a place to sacrifice items to Eris without being a Discordian (But why would you not be a Discordian?), plus a magic shop. The courtyard's a nice busy place to hang, but rife with thieves. The Brute Squad makes its home here, Fezzik himself being a Discordian, but the guild itself has no actual Discordian ties, aside from the fun rhyming their members get access to.



The Temple of Discordia is located at (7, 25, 1) in Cimbra (Global (7, 106, 1)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

  • Dara the High Priestess of Discordia
  • Jeliza the Priestess of Discordia
  • Olgmar the Discordian priest-bartender
  • Rex the gambler
  • Fezzik the head of the Brute Squad
  • Malkeshni the strange, who provides mindshields for a price.
  • Bria the repository manager

Notable Attractions

  • the temple magick shop

(to get upstairs at the magic shop, you have to meet at least one of these conditions: have 20+ quest points, have chaos favor, worship eris, or be at least level 30)


  • City alignment: ? / Chaotic
  • Guards assist: No
End of spoiler information.


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