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This is a male human with brown skin, black hair, and black eyes.  He is stocky, with broad, high cheekbones and a hard, 
cold look in his eyes.  His most distinctive feature, though, are the words tattooed across his forehead in large black  
letters.  He has a tracery of sparkling light within and around him.  He looks about eighteen and a half dimins tall, five 
and three quarters dimins wide, and one and nine twentieths dimins front to back.  He is in good shape.  His expression is 
glazed and vacant.  He has a bezhuldaar domination field upon him.  
   You have found a weakness in his chest.  
   He wields a bamboo spear in his left hand and a green glass knife in his right hand.  
   He wears a black leather trenchcoat around his body and a pair of black eyeglasses on his head.
His limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot, and left 
foot.  Raven was created by Chaos, who wishes to credit Neal Stephenson as inspiring this work; the source code was last 
updated Wed Sep 23 10:26:50 2009.  The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Jun 29 
16:44:37 2010.
Raven asserts, 'I am befriending a spherical eyestalk-festooned mottled black monstrosity, who is present.'
Raven asserts, 'I am a member of.'
Raven asserts, 'My strength is very high, 
                my intelligence and constitution are high, 
                my dexterity is very high, 
                my willpower is exceptional,
                my charisma is very high,
                my perception is excellent.'
Raven asserts, 'I breathe air by means of my lungs.  I am not holding my breath.  I am normally able to hold my breath for 
two minutes and twenty-five seconds.'
Raven asserts, 'I am right-handed.'
Raven asserts, 'I am an Almerian wildling.'
Raven asserts, 'I am not hungry.'
Raven asserts, 'I am sober.'
Raven asserts, 'My entire body is healthy.  I am wearing a pair of black eyeglasses on my head.'
Raven asserts, 'I am Raven.'
Raven asserts, 'I am not thirsty.'
Raven asserts, 'I am a human.'
Raven asserts, 'My alignment is apathetic and free-spirited.'
Raven asserts, 'I do not worship any gods.'
Raven asserts, 'My native language is Anglic.'
Raven asserts, 'I can use the quote style normal.'
Raven asserts, 'My primary language is Anglic.'
Raven asserts, 'I am using the aggressive speech pattern.'
Raven asserts, 'I can use the speech pattern ordinary.'

Raven asserts, 'I intrinsically know the characteristics of amulets of magical retribution and necromantic retribution;  
scrolls of protection from magick, protection from necromancy, protection from piercing weapons, and protection from 
slashing weapons; staves of blades, death, magick, and spikes; ani; bladders; kidneys; livers; lungs; penes; udders; 
vaginae; vulvae; the materials aloe, ashwood, aspen, balsa, bark, beech, beechnuts, birch, broccoli, buckeyes, cannabis,  
cedar, chamomile, chestnuts, cork, ebony, foxglove, grass root, hazelnuts, hickory, maple, mint, oak, palm, parsley, 
pine, pine nuts, spruce, thyme, walnuts, wicker, willow, and yew; the races aethossa, ants, buffalo, cows, danaan, 
dragonflies, faeries, goblins, haughwana, hounds, humans, invae, kiellethae, llelimin, minotaurs, ogres, orcs, pigeons, 
pigs, polar bears, sleestak, thondur, and wargs; the cultures Almerian wildlings, Atalantian wildlings, Esarturi 
wildlings, Northlander wildlings, the Avalonian culture, the Beorn culture, the Filialtri culture, the Freeholder culture, 
and the Lowlander culture; the race sexeses avigraal mares, avigraal stallions, buffalo cows, buffalo steers, bull 
buffalo, bull minotaurs, bulls, capons,female adveni, female Amberites, female angels, female apes, female aviar, female
boglins, female chaosborn, female chickens, female cows, female danaan, female dao, female death turkeys, female deer, 
female djinni, female domandanur, female dracon, female drow, female duergar, female faeries, female garou, female geryoi, 
female giant chickens, female giant deer, female giant sheep, female gnomes, female goats, female goblins, female 
hobgoblins, female humans, female ifriti, female invae, female kedethim, female kesliriaths, female kiellethae, female 
kobolds, female lions, female llelimin, female lothari, female maridim, female mazikeen, female onkeys, female narja, 
female nyads, female ogres, female orcs, female Patryns, female phaethon, female powrie, female quess, female quicklings, 
female runtlings, female Sartans, female sekh, female sheep, female skaven, female slaan, female sleestak, female sprites, 
female svirfneblin, female thondur, female tuatha, female urlnleku, gelding avigraals, gelding kentaurs, hens, 
hermaphrodite chaosborn, hermaphrodite danaan, hermaphrodite geryoi, hermaphrodite humans, hermaphrodite invae, 
hermaphrodite nyads, hermaphrodite phaethon, hermaphrodite sprites, kentaur mares, kentaur stallions, male adveni, male 
Amberites, male angels, male apes, male aviar, male boglins, male chaosborn, male chickens, male cows, male danaan, male 
dao, male death turkeys, male deer, male djinni, male domandanur, male dracon, male drow, male duergar, male faeries, male 
garou, male geryoi, male giant chickens, male giant deer, male giant sheep, male gnomes, male goats, male goblins, male 
hobgoblins, male humans, male ifriti, male kedethim, male kesliriaths, male kiellethae, male kobolds, male lions, male
llelimin, male lothari, male maridim, male mazikeen, male monkeys, male narja, male nyads, male ogres, male orcs, male 
Patryns, male phaethon, male powrie, male quess, male quicklings, male runtlings, male Sartans, male sekh, male sheep, 
male skaven, male slaan, male sleestak, male sprites, male svirfneblin, male thondur, male tuatha, male urlnleku,  
minotaur  cows, minotaur steers, neuter Amberites, neuter chaosborn, neuter drow, neuter faeries, neuter geryoi, neuter 
humans, neuter invae, neuter lothari, neuter phaethon, neuter powrie, roosters, and steers; and the affiliation types 
agent affiliations, furtive affiliations, mercenary affiliations, soldier affiliations, and warrior affiliations.'
Raven asserts, 'I have zero knowledge topics memorized and can memorize up to two hundred thirty-three topics.'
Raven asserts, 'I have not memorized any knowledge topics.'
Raven asserts, 'I am carrying eleven dekans in weight.  I have a ten percent encumbrance penalty from what I am wearing.'
Raven asserts, 'I am following a spherical eyestalk-festooned mottled black monstrosity.'
Raven asserts, 'I can carry up to one hundred ninety-one dekans.'
Raven asserts, 'I am slightly encumbered.'
Raven asserts, 'I am not carrying anything.'
Raven asserts, 'I am using a black leather trenc> You rumble, -- followers, report wealth --
Raven asserts, 'I have two hundred seventy-six coins.'
Raven asserts, 'My wealth capacity is twenty-five thousand coins.'
Raven asserts, 'I am befriending a spherical eyestalk-festooned mottled black monstrosity, who is present.'
Raven asserts, 'I trust a spherical eyestalk-festooned mottled black monstrosity, who is present.'
Raven asserts, 'I am a seventh-degree specialist in intimidation and the dealing of massive blows; a fifth-degree 
specialist in tactics; a fourth-degree specialist in the ability to dodge, hardiness, and the ability to make a precision  
strike; a third-degree specialist in combat reflexes, the use of daggers, discipline, and the use of spears; a second-
degree specialist in the ability to find an opponent's weakness, impact absorption, pain tolerance, and tracking; a first-
degree specialist with one bonus degree in the Anglic language; and a first-degree specialist in centering, channeling, 
courage, hills fieldcraft, lack of weakness, leadership, and steadiness.'
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