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Legion of Dynamic Discord

The Legion of Dynamic Discord, or LDD, make up the bulk of Discordia's faithful. The abilities they gain are not nearly as impressive as the mystical might of the POEE and ELF, but they need not observe many of the restrictions placed on POEE members, have far longer average lifespans than ELF guerilla theologians, and may pursue membership in one of the various other guilds of Lost Souls.

LDD members may receive further information through the help topic 'LDD powers'.

'help Discordia' and 'help Hand of Eris' also contain information which one may find useful.

Joining the LDD

To join the LDD you need to first have the favor of Eris. This can be gained by sacrificing items at the Saphire Altar.

offer <item> to Eris (remember to capitalize Eris)  - try also 'sacrifice <item>'

After enough sacrifices, an amulet will appear. After getting the amulet, 'lay on the altar' and enter the inner sanctum.

Once you are in the inner sanctum check out 'info Hagbard Celine' to join the LDD. ('info Malaclypse the Younger' to join the POEE)

Perhaps obviously, your current alignment can't be very ordered. (You must be lower than neutral, innovative at least. - shinichizio)

You may leave and rejoin the LDD whenever you like.


LDD members gain several abilities through their devotion to Eris.

They enjoy the affinity for the forces of chaos that all Discordians benefit from, and have access to certain places where only Discordians may go.

They gain access to a pair of communication channels. The first is the Discordian Society channel which all Discordians, POEE or LDD, may use; this is accessed through the commands 'discordian' and '/' The second is the private LDD channel, which uses the commands 'ldd' and 'assoc'.

They can offer items as sacrifices to Eris at any time, using the syntax 'offer <item> to eris'.

They may use the 'quote' power; type 'help quote' for further details.

They can also use the 'gland' power; type 'help gland' for further details.

Specialty Access

Min   Max      Specialty
 1    +5       Chaos affinity
      +1       Dancing
      +1       Empathy
 1    +5       Erisian
      +1       Fast talk        (Not seeing this on a nyloc reaper)
      +1       Introspection
      +1       Manipulation
      +1       Order resistance (not sure if from here; "hidden", shows up if trained at e.g. Erasmus)
      +1       Politics
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