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The Hand of Eris is a mortal chosen by Discordia as her champion within the land of Lost Souls. Strange powers accrue to this individual, of which much is whispered but little known. One thing that is certain is that status as the Hand of Eris is a fleeting thing, never remaining with any one individual for very long.

The exact effects of being chosen as the Hand of Eris by the high goddess of chaos are the subject of much rumor, debate, and confusion.

 [OOC Tell from Elronuan]  [string] 60: "you cannot become the Hand of Eris because you are a fanatic"

Nyladon (And also Xaolyn!) Notes: What it actually does is throw positive Eris Sacrifice effects at you at random time intervals, including tourette's syndrome, which some might see as a "negative". also, for OZM, it buffs all spell ratings by 100. (which is totes awesome) POEE and ELF also get sizable benefits for being the hand, the POEE getting hefty bonuses to their rolls for using their various powers and having a chance of converting the goetic damage they can channel into divine damage. Meanwhile, the ELF get a nice boost to their invocation strength. Let it be noted that to become Hand, you have to be a Discordian, but if you're the hand and leave whatever Discordian affiliation you were in, you'll still be hand. Essentially, to get in the office, you have to be Discordian, reasonably chaotic in alignment, and not have been the last person to be the Hand as well as allowing a minimum amount of time pass since the last time you were. That being said, the hand will choose *you*, so don't worry, you'll get it eventually. As a note, if you die as the Hand, you instantly lose the office, and the Hand of Eris cannot harm other Discordians, and vice-versa.

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